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Adidas Predator Womens Soccer Cleats Are Only One Of The Greatest Cleats With The Stated Brand
2014.03.05 02:56:00

Adidas Predator Womens Soccer Cleats Are Only One Of The Greatest Cleats With The Stated Brand In the area of sports, Adidas has been well known and lots of individuals have been buying their products, specially in their soccer cleats. It may have been known for some items like tshirt products, however it have been more known due to the popular soccer cleats. Their Adidas 30 soccer cleats is among the these mentioned cleats that the soccer players love to use Kobe Shoe Sale Online. If you don't have an idea who uses cleats, those are often the people who are into playing soccer. For the people soccer players who just play soccer for many season after which don't play at some time may have just a couple of soccer cleats, while for many who play all of the time and are also playing in tournaments as professionals, then they probably have Soccer Cleats Predators along with their F10 and F50 soccer cleats. What is then this purpose of having several types of cleats? Are they different kobe 8 kay yow Sale OnlineLebron 11 Sale OnlineDiscount Air Jordan.




Christian Louboutin boots From Russia
2014.03.03 17:58:24


christian louboutin sale louis vuitton handbag stir in the chocolate chips

Its not a problem at all but we were louis vuitton bags low prices all tired and fake louis vuitton bags cheap uk just wanted to be directed to our rooms. We booked 4 star rooms, but were put in 3 star challets, with smelling air conditioning and bed bugs. The louis vuitton winter 2013 bags weather was very odd, some louis vuitton belt size 90 rain, some sunshine and lots and lots of wind! louis vuitton bags outlet store be prepared to invest original louis vuitton bags for sale philippines in beach louis vuitton tote bag amazon umbrella or wind catchers and the wind made it impossible to sit at the beach ( specially with children)The "apartments" were very basic, there louis vuitton bags in india price was a dirty fridge, mold on the ceiling and louis vuitton bags prices in delhi cockroaches.

Once you think about how a good offer LV bags are getting marketed for in full shops, the believed of just spending a few hundred appears so effortless to hold where to buy cheap lv bags in singapore out for sell louis vuitton bags uk most. Image for just about any moment in time how decent it will really feel for getting in a are louis vuitton purses cheaper in france location to eventually afford reliable Louis Vuitton bags. You will really feel so decent about your do it yourself as well as your accomplishments that you simply have produced within your life.

christian louboutin bridal shoes Yeah anyone saying there's a lot of crime in Wellington is a moron. There's maybe a few places with Section 8 but you'd see that anywhere. There's one section I know of near the old WinnDixie by Greenview Shores that has some townhouses which have always had some kind of rough people by Wellington standardsthink louis vuitton bags price list south africa white trash types and black kids hanging around looking aimlessbut it's literally like two blocks and that is the only part of Wellington louis vuitton handbags authentic I can think of that isn't on its face very louis vuitton purses sale online white and upper middle class compared to most of the rest of PBC..

cheap christian louboutin In general, the policy of China is coherent, but it SHOULD left Tibet for the Tibetants."The American era in the Middle East (ME) is not ending, but American influence declines as the American share of the global wealth declines. Notably, Chinese influence will increase in the ME as the Chinese economy increases its louis vuitton purses authentic or fake share of the global wealth. Moreover, louis vuitton handbags wholesale china the Chinese magnify their influence by ignoring louis vuitton travel luggage for sale the state of human rights in the ME..

Christian Louboutin boots From Russia and former Soviet republics. Israel produces only a couple thousand barrels of oil a day, which means it relies on the global market for more than 99 percent of its consumption. It's difficult buy fake louis vuitton bags for cheap to name all of the country's suppliersin 2004, Israel's minister of national infrastructures admitted that "Israel's situation is complicated.

christian louboutin heels I was determined to lead a normal life, though I avoided the beach, despite the fact that I had spent every summer louis vuitton replica handbag sites review there. Not being able to wear a bikini or stylish onepiece was a painful reminder of my deformity. I kept my circle of friends close.




Louis Vuitton Handbags Beats by dre sale
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louis vuitton belt louis vuitton handbag still visible in the newly reopened hotel

louis vuitton bags for sale Using art as dcor for retail environments instrumentalizes cheap replica louis vuitton belts for men and conventionalizes the work solely for lv belt bag men monetary gain. It often louis vuitton luggage set prices reduces the art to louis vuitton handbags clearance authentic nothing louis vuitton purses sale authentic more than an extremely expensive sofa accompaniment. One has to ask, "why?" Why are fashion retailer so interested engaging with art?.

cheap louis vuitton bags Your Packaging This carrier doesn't need several imprinted about the draw but authentic louis vuitton handbags website it comes with yet another massive hint that it's bogus. The particular plastic around the louis vuitton men's bags cheap the actual manages. This specific looks low cost. So for the price of the $560 sweater I can buy nearly pre-owned louis vuitton bags in singapore 19 gap sweaters and have some in different color choices. What if I only bought 10 gap is it cheaper to buy a louis vuitton bag in paris sweaters? Well that would leave me plenty of money for that vaccuum clothes sealer that extends the louis vuitton bags chinatown new york life lv belt dust bag of your seasonal clothing 5 fold! Uh oh, now I have 10 sweaters in mulitple colors plus a vacuum clothes sealer that will preserve my clothing 5 times longer all for less than your one sweater that may last you 5 years. Lets see lifetime assortment of sweaters or 1 sweater? You make the call..

It's just minutes before she's due on stage. She'll do a live interview with singer/actress Beyonc Knowles, and lastminute details need attention. But Ripa, now with heavy stage makeup replica louis vuitton bags ebay caked on her face, has more fake louis vuitton bags cheap immediate concerns. I think it's a shame you choose to focus on irrelevancies louis vuitton mens bags sale like Matthew Newton. He's a celebrity, his treatment in the media has nothing to do with mental illness in society and everything to do with our society's treatment of celebrity. Not to mention, you say he has bipolar then spend most of the article talking about (and misrepresenting) depression, even though they are two entirely separate conditions..

louis vuitton purses Of course, the scenes changed, in the car, lean against the motorcycle, sit in the room, or sit outside for drinking tea, or walking in the road etc, the bags are nearby the models to make louis vuitton man bag cheap them stand out, they are surrounded by the green trees, beautiful fountain or warm sunshine etc, wearing the casual or feminine clothes, new LV bags 2011 make them more beautiful and unusual, to further reveal theirs temperament. We can say that the collection of new Louis Vuitton bags 2011 is very attractive by its distinctive features. To the louis vuitton neverfull gm young girls and ladies, they are cost of louis vuitton bags in singapore full of vitality; these bags may fit them louis vuitton purses on ebay perfectly.

Louis Vuitton Handbags Beats by dre sale The existence of these the body hormones create a wholesale louis vuitton bags for cheap conditioning from the ligaments which function to help keep the low esophageal sphincter or L des closed. Michael kors hobo Burberry outlet made history in the fashion industry. Louis vuitton wallet for women The thing is, hoses along with louis vuitton bags prices in singapore other rubber parts within the vehicle will put on lower with time with consistent utilization of Biodiesel.




louis vuitton wallet Tired of the piecemeal
2014.03.03 17:57:59


cheap louis vuitton bags louis vuitton handbag still the move to new york didn't get her out of hot water

louis vuitton belt Apple made a similar mistake in louis vuitton handbags online outlet the 1980s and 1990s, and the company almost went bankrupt as a result. The previously dominant Mac quickly lost market share to inferior but quickly improving Windowsbased products until Mac ultimately became a marginal highpriced player in the market. The value of Mac's previously vaunted ecosystem collapsed louis vuitton bags for men india in part because software developers stopped making software for the platform (due to relatively low volumes) and in fake louis vuitton luggage for sale part because consumers did not want or need an expensive computer with an ecosystem that was fake louis vuitton bags for sale nz not compatible with the nowdominant Windows ecosystem..

louis vuitton outlet 3) KnockOff No No's: More than anything else, anything that smacks of a knock off has got to go. Though a fake Louis Vuitton handbag is easy to spot, louis vuitton belts authentic some other knock offs are a bit more subtle. House of Holland is a sassy label that has made its mark by creating bright tshirts with equally colorful quotations on louis vuitton bags sale melbourne them in bright bold lettering.

Mentioning louis vuitton luggage bag ebay to Louis Vuitton, almost every woman can recall the louis vuitton trunks and bags wallet classic printing and the sign of louis vuitton belt uk ebay of its bags which are all deeply louis vuitton mens belt sale uk rooted louis vuitton bags cheaper italy in louis vuitton bags replica wholesale people hearts. Every female friend is desirous louis vuitton shoes with the red bottom to own an original designer Louis Vuitton while most of them are unable to afford one for louis vuitton handbags cheaper in paris they are all priced at the high sky fake louis vuitton luggage ebay levels. Still, you can find there are so many people wearing a LV bag everywhere that you can not believe your eyes.

cheap styles louis vuitton speedy outlet Therefore boom and bust generally does not exist. In a centrally planned economy if the sht hits the fan, then the country faces a long stretch of stagnation. Until innovation, inflation or global changes occur. Specially created for Hackett London, the two Tag Heuer watches are based on the classic Carrera model and come with a distinctive style. Tag Heaer give them simple yet easytoremember name. The louis vuitton luggage replica bags larger Carrera selfwinding chronograph is called Tag Heuer Hackett London Chronograph, while the smaller threehand automatic model is name Tag Heuer Hackett London watch.

But to be more practical, you can also go for a plain juicy handbag with just one color. It most recommended to take neutral color handbags since they are popular choice. Black is a neutral color so you can never go wrong in selecting louis vuitton neverfull price it because it always comes in style and fashion.

louis vuitton wallet Tired of the piecemeal approach for equal rights taken by our leadership over the past 15 (or more) years, eQualityGiving decided louis vuitton new collection 2013 bags to put it all on the table. If the goal is LGBT equality, let spell new louis vuitton bags 2012 purse forum out exactly what that means at the federal level in one bill. This is a louis vuitton women belt uk very comprehensive, very well thought out proposal that has been months in the making.




louis vuitton handbags So buy your
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louis vuitton shoulder bag louis vuitton handbag still down to earth

The SwissUK deal is a big step in the right direction (who would have imagined this only a few years ago?) but there is still more to be done and much more will be done regardless of Richard Murphy's blog. If you try and take too much money off them they'll louis vuitton belts for men leave the country/hide even more etc, real louis vuitton bags vs fake etc. Best be thankful for real louis vuitton belt cheap what we can louis vuitton luggage prices uk get out of them without upsetting them too much..

louis vuitton purses Then take extra caution. It is a big red flag if the buyer refuses to send the pictures. Considering louis vuitton spring 2013 bags that all the intricate details have been assured of, louis vuitton damier azur belt ebay a product that has been specially designed so that you can achieve out to your distant dream. Don't get me wrong, she is obviously talented. used louis vuitton bags for sale 100 authentic She can sing, and she can write good songs. That's just proven by the amount of success she has, but she has it louis vuitton bags sale usa for all the wrong reasons.

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louis vuitton handbags So buy your Louis Vuitton replica purse with delight, being aware of that you'll never ever be lv bags for men price identified out. This is a extremely essential indicator of an genuine LV piece. Dependent on the product, LV bags louis vuitton taschen are at the moment becoming created out of France, in international locations these kinds of as Usa, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland other than the obvious France.

I hope you'll check out her website and purchase louis vuitton neverfull mm review a few for yourself, family and friends. She is doing all this on her own (and her family's) funds and is very sincere in making it work. And it not just to help her, you could help yourself and others and maybe save a life! Even your own.




nike free run pink They can indeed
2014.03.03 17:57:02


louis vuitton handbag stick to karama market

nike free sko Many people are familiar with renting ski and snowboard equipment, which often makes sense for those who live in warm climates or who only hit the slopes once a year. fake louis vuitton bags for cheap That saves on storage and transportation hassles, and can ensure that your gear doesn't go louis vuitton handbags out of date buy cheap louis vuitton belts online or out of style before you louis vuitton bags price uk wear it out (no one wants to be the guy on the hill with cable bindings). The same applies to other sports, from surfing to diving, hockey and skating.

Nike Air Presto I've had girlfriends say to me louis vuitton bags ebay philippines "Oh, I have no money, I'm louis vuitton replica handbags china wholesale so POOR! I don't know what to do!", all louis vuitton men bags replica while carrying this bag. There is something about this bag that is like wearing underwear. You must wear it, regardless if you can afford it because not wearing it is just something you do not do..

nike free dame While they were off doing those things, we had a visit to Beauty Land (hubby was thrilled with this lol )and my daughter and gran daughter Eden shopped up a storm, lots louis vuitton handbags replica sale of little treats for when louis vuitton authentic bags ebay they get back louis vuitton condom home and the prices were so cheap. I also used this time to check out some prices for the Thai buy louis vuitton handbags online uk triangle mats I so desperately wanted, this was my main mission this trip. I was lucky enough to find two gorgeous matching ones for my pool area right next door to buy original louis vuitton bags online our hotel and was thrilled at the price.

nike free run tilbud If you're paying $200 regardless louis vuitton luggage set cheap of size, it may not be a big issue. But if the larger phone is less expensive (albeit just slightly, the SG3 is $600) too, that is going to not sit well with a lot of people on a gut level. If the devices are not subsidized, the feeling for many is you're getting less device for more money by buying an iPhone.

A culture louis vuitton shoes price of innovation is fundamentally different from one that emphasizes mergers and acquisitions or cost cutting, both in theory and practice. For one thing, innovation leaders have an entirely different set of skills, temperament, and psychology. The M leader is a deal maker and transactionally oriented.

1. replica louis vuitton alma bags uk Even 5C iphones are too expensive for Chinese Mobile users.2. Chinese consumers prefer cheap disposable phones and louis vuitton bags purse blog are louis vuitton trunks and bags wallet not big on Apple regardless of the tripe you louis vuitton messenger bag man read here.3. I would personally ought to research for cheetah print beats by dre me. When I looked "Susan Boil" in Yahoo there seemed to be nothing. I Dreamed fake louis vuitton purses wholesale a fantasy, was al over beats by dre outlet the place.

nike free run pink They can indeed be a really wonderful products and solutions to your requires connected louis vuitton messenger bag saks with our current females and let them find a serious pricefake Louis Vuitton purses Replacement handbags with their arranged. Quality: With the latest cuttingedge technologies, replica Louis Vuitton purses are better made than ever before. Durability can also be a serious situation with replica handbags.




How to Pick Soccer Cleats
2014.02.28 19:57:34

How to Pick Soccer Cleats When playing soccer you have to have a good pair of soccer cleats Cheap Lebron 11Lebron 11 Sale Online. First, you need to decide what type of cleat studs you want. There are three basic types of cleat studs: bladed cleat studs, round cleat studs, and rounded blade studs. Bladed cleat studs are best for offensive players because they make you able to turn sharply with out any slipping, round cleat studs are better suited for defensive players because they give them the most stability possible from cleats, and, finally, rounded blade studs are designed to be an all around stud that any position can benefit from using. Next, you need to decide whether you want durable mid weight cleats or non durable lightweight cleats. The more durable cleats will obviously last you longer, but they do slow down your foot speed just a tiny bit. On the other hand, the non durable cleats tend to be very lightweight maximizing your foot speed making it easier to sprint and beat defenders with tricks such as step overs. Make sure to make the choice that best suits your needs. If you are playing recreational soccer go with the more durable cleats because when it comes down to it the lost foot speed will not mean much to you. If you are actually playing in a competitive league I would suggest going with the less durable cleats Wholesale Jordan 29 Shoes. Then, pick your cleats from the brand that you like and trust most. The big name brands when it comes to soccer cleats are Adidas, Nike, Diadora, Puma, and Joma. All of those brands can offer you equal quality cleats it really just comes down to a preference of your brand. Next, choose the style of cleat you like most. If it comes down to two or three equal quality shoes and you do not know which one to buy just go off style. Pick what looks good to you because it will make you enjoy your cleats that much more. Finally, decide a price range for your cleats. Obviously, the more money you pay the better the cleats are going to be, but you can find a good pair of cleats for just about any budget with a little shopping around. The most important thing to remember when picking out cleats is to have fun with it. They should give you enjoyment when wearing them and playing in them kobe 8 kay yow Sale Online




Guide to Vegan Personal Products, Clothes & Shoes Made From Non
2014.02.28 05:44:11

Guide to Vegan Personal Products, Clothes & Shoes Made From Non While many people think of food choices when it comes to the word vegan, there are actually many other lifestyle choices that go into creating a life that's run by vegan principles. From the shoes you wear to the bag you carry, all your choices can be cruelty-free. Most people only think of the food factor when speaking to vegans about this lifestyle choice. However, the aim of the vegan lifestyle is to be cruelty-free and to avoid any animal by-products. The repercussions of going vegan actually stretch far beyond what's on the menu. Vegans have to consider animal by-products when making choices for wallets, purses, belts, shoes and beyond. Yes, what you put on your face is likely not vegan. Most commercial name brands of make-up include some kind of animal by-product, and many of these brands needlessly test on animals. Luckily, there are also national name brands that are vegan. The name brand that's most likely to be in your local make-up store is Urban Decay Kobe Shoe Sale Online. While it's color choices are largely not classical, there's something in the line for everyone. There's a great vegan make-up remover, and you can relax in knowing that it's cruelty-free to animals. Arbonne is another company that offers all-vegan make-up. You should find a seller to buy Arbonne from, as the company is similar to Avon. It's multi-level marketing. While you can order it online, you may get special treatment and deals if you find your local Arbonne dealer. It's also good to support a local businesswoman who's selling vegan products. Aveda is yet another option for vegans. The line offers vegan make-up choices. With stores in many parts of the country, this store is often found in malls and in big cities. Yes, you have to consider everything from getting a new toothpaste to shampoo and deodorant when you go vegan. Tom's of Maine is always a safe, vegan brand, and it's available in mainstream stores like Target and grocers. There are many other brands as well. While Aveda is known as a make-up company, it also offers vegan options for customers. You won't be perfect overnight, and you shouldn't put pressure on yourself. It's wise to finish using the products you already have before switching to the vegan brands because waste doesn't help anybody. Read the label. That's the most important thing in making this transition. Skin care labels can be tricky. Alpha hydroxy acids can sometimes be animal-derived. Ambergris is obtained from the intestines of whales. Keratin is also animal-derived. You can obtain a complete list at VegFamily Website, and you should print it to take with you while shopping Wholesale Predator LZ BootsBuy 2014 soccer cleats Online2013 Hyperdunk Low Sale Online. Purses are still, unfortunately, largely made of leather. There are exceptions, and one can find man-made purses in discount stores and major chains. Label-reading is a must for purses and wallets as well. When in doubt, ask for help. However, keep in mind that a retail seller may simply be an employee without inside knowledge of all products. Avoid getting frustrated or upset with employees that aren't product experts. When in doubt, leave it on the shelf.




grubbynice Article author
2014.02.28 05:35:45

grubbynice Article author It is well known that nike lebron shoes are popular and best-sellling in the world. When buying shoes, it is obvious choice that you should consider Nike. Whether you are looking shoes for American football, basketball, tennis, football and baseball, ther... Prada Handbags presents a classic and reminiscent style to the world that is in a global economic downturn. The ad is situated on a floating board in black water Wholesale Predator LZ Bootskobe 8 kay yow Sale OnlineKobe Shoe Sale Online. Have you found that the most things that girls talking are beautiful clothes, fancy jewelry and luxury handbags? Yes! All girls love these things while some are crazy about them. I am a girl and I love beauty. Tiffany jewelry is my perfect accessory. ... Cheap kobe shoe Sale 2013




Get Pinspired
2014.02.27 19:50:32


We all love inspirational quotes. They have the power to get us through a bad day and can motivate us to pursue our dreams. 
When I come across a quote that speaks to me, I make it a point to save it. Then when I'm feeling listless and unmotivated, I go back to these quotes to lift my spirits and spur me to action.
If you're keen to try this out, Pinterest is a great place to get started. 
It's super easy:
Step 1: Create a Pinterest account (if you haven't already). 
Step 2: Click on the "+" button at the top right hand corner to create a new board. Give it a name like "Inspire Me".
Step 3: Type "inspirational quotes" in the search box on the top left hand corner then press Enter.
Step 4: You'll now see a whole bunch of inspirational quotes. When you find a quote you like, hover over the image then click on the "Pin It" button.
Step 5: When you're prompted to pick a board, choose the board you created earlier.
Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 with a few more quotes and you're done!
Now, when you're in need of some inspiration, just head back to your Pinterest board.
Need more quotes?
Happy pinning!




Designers and their furry companions
2014.02.25 23:28:45


It seems like almost every big name designer has a canine friend – and mind you, those friend or friends are living the life! Making guest appearances in editorials (Valentino's), constantly dolled up in gazillion dollars worth of accessories, such as Donatella's, and and and, not forgetting, becoming an overnight superstar because of social media (*coughs* Karl's *coughs*).
I shall leave you to feast your eyes on some major cute pictures!

P.S I've always wanted a dog. But my mom made me choose. So I got rats instead and it pissed her off even more. She just simply dislikes furry animals; it’s so sad.
Disclaimer: My pet rats are darn cute. Really!

Credits: Styletails, Styleite




2014 surroundings jordans to get christmas time
2014.02.25 16:49:38

2014 surroundings Cheap Air Jordan'Basketball Shoes’ uppers come from frequently set and also fabricated elements and also the variety of either. Leathers give more significant resilience, relaxation plus breathability nonetheless are usually more highly-priced as compared with synthetics, which have been less heavy as compared with set. Hottest revolutions around know-how supplies each one battler your Phyon midsole which includes a adapt sockliner that is definitely less heavy plus models so that you can each one 12 inches to get safe and sound, reactive shock reducing, a strong outsole produced from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and also the fresh 7-stud Smoking for your less heavy, speedier regulate procedure including a Nil space or room know-how for your weightless come to feel including a tailor-made accommodate.

Another design and style who will be chosen the result of most people is a Duck Great. Nike features people today several pigments in such a identity. Purple furthermore pink, dark colored when white colored, as well bluish plus green are sometimes all of colorations that could is found in boots and shoes of your style and design. To set-up aid, Nike would make a precise great top rated of your design and style. In order to that your superior, this could expressed by nubuck, set, plus suede. A a small number of loopholes for models work surface with all the self-proclaimed language will be incredibly handy plus vital. Because the device gives it has the paws an opportunity to take in without restraint. Having said that, when high-technology cheap jordans on sale, Adidas F50 Adizero known as a lightest boots and shoes than. Where regular basketball athletic shoe weighs about pertaining to 10 oz ., a Adidas F50 Adizero recommendations around during 5. 8.

It's just a unique feel so that you can experience-picking these folks right up looks like training with a collection of mailbox. The majority of basketball boots and shoes have got a harsh insole plank this helps to keep these folks constant. A F50 Adizero doesn't have a this during all-instead them easily contains a shaped poly-amide outsole people get in touch with your "sprint style. inch To get F50 will be shaped around properly calibrated, pure shapes-if there initially were every distinct attitudes, the only real may possibly essentially return due to the fact is definitely, naturally Nike Absolutely free 3. 0 V2 Gentlemen, a little narrow flow with high-tech vinyl. Fairly the earliest variable really should be that allows you to choose a formidable package with having work surface to set moncler pockets. Having said that, lots of individuals pick out this analyzing this acceptable web-site is actually a minimal a lot tricky versus the providers thought of, as well as, really should be applied together with the formula connected with an assume other. Them noticed a escalate with low-priced jordans to get young people.

Around 1987-1988 the seasons, Jordan crowned hence much-the common year or so MVP, All of NBA company, Preventative battler of your twelve months, Score Tile, All-Star MVP, Successful with Slam Dunk Shows. Around attack for anyone all these, Jordan ended up being dressed in her cherished shoes-Air Nike air jordan 3. Furthermore, merchandise shape with several of the midsole would make this could certainly attainable never as you go along so that you can retard you instruction online going plus going. Surroundings Nike air jordan appeared to be created by Tinker Hatfield, the daddy with Surroundings Nike air jordan INTRAVENOUS, Surroundings Nike air jordan V…Air Nike air jordan 11…Air Nike air jordan XV plus Surroundings Nike air jordan. It has the silent Nike Surroundings Seat covers plus Crack-shape set vamp designed the pup spectacular. On top of that, Increase in unemployment Shelter, your prominent overseer had section while in the Nike hot nike air jordan boots and shoes ’ Promotions to get at the first try plus served when Mars Blackman plus kept admirers quite a striking photo. On top of that, Surroundings Buy Cheap Air Jordan 5 as well built your landmark not wearing running shoes supplanted a original custom logo “wing ” by using Jumpman custom logo.




Top 4 shoe trends to try out
2014.02.25 01:35:32

Q. I’ve just scored my first job working in an Ad Agency, I’ve got loads of clothes options but what type of shoes should I wear to work?
A. First of all congrats on your new position, way to go! The good news is that working in the creative industry means that the dress code is a bit more relaxed, and it’s encouraged to show you’ve got flair, so be experimental in your shoe-choices and try out these top trends…
1. Opt for a pair of bright eye-catching pumps and have fun experimenting with solids and prints. Keep them office-appropriate by opting for a heel that hits below 4 inches.

2. Try a pair of heeled penny loafers for the sexy secretary look, or try a pair of smart smoking slippers if you are wearing pants.

3. Work it in a pair of cut-out ‘shooties’ they look amazing with a midi A-line skirt.

4. Be a vamp in uber-pointy stilettos, the key to nailing this look is to wear them with structured clothes. Pssst… asymmetrical skirts also look awesome with this type of shoe.





Grizzlies beat Hawks in way NBA has never seen
2014.02.24 05:58:21

Grizzlies beat Hawks in way NBA has never seen

ATLANTA — Zach Randolph scored 20 points and the Memphis Grizzlies continued their pattern of winning on the road with strong defense, shutting down the Atlanta Hawks 79-76 Saturday night.

The Grizzlies needed the defense, too, as they only made it to the free throw line once.

The Hawks were held to a combined 25 points in the second and third periods and set a season scoring low after leading 29-27 following the first period.

Paul Millsap had 20 points and 11 rebounds for Atlanta, which has lost three straight. The Grizzlies ended a two-game skid.

Atlanta's Lou Williams missed a 3-pointer with about 1 second remaining.

Memphis has held eight straight road opponents to no more than 90 points. The Grizzlies, one game under .500 at home, are 14-8 on the road Kobe Shoe Sale Online.

Courtney Lee scored 14 points and Nick Calathes had 10 for Memphis.

Millsap was scoreless in the second half before his back-to-back baskets cut Memphis' lead to 77-72 with 1:58 remaining. He added a 3-pointer with 39 seconds remaining to get Atlanta within three points.

A miss by Marc Gasol gave Atlanta the chance for a tying final basket. As the Hawks passed the ball around the perimeter, coach Mike Budenholzer called for a timeout before Williams missed the 3-pointer Cheap 2014 michael kors Outlet Store

Atlanta led 52-50 before Memphis closed the third period with an 11-2 run, including 3-pointers by Lee, Gasol and Mike Miller for a 61-54 lead.

Playing against the team that drafted him in the first round in 2009, DeMarre Carroll scored nine of Atlanta's first 17 points as the Hawks were sharp in the opening period. A 3-pointer by Millsap pushed Atlanta's lead to double figures for the first time at 22-12, and baskets by Elton Brand and Williams extended the advantage to 14 points.

Memphis scored the next 10 points as part of a 15-3 run to close the period Wholesale Predator LZ Boots

Kyle Korver extended his NBA record to 118 consecutive games with a 3-pointer when he sank a jumper beyond the arc less than 3 minutes into the game.

The Sporting News staff contributed to this report.




5 Best Dance Scenes in Movies
2014.02.18 04:58:06


I’m a sucker for musicals and dance flicks. I don’t know why, but they just make me feel so good every. single. time. Here are my favourite booty-shaking picks (with video - we don’t do things in halves here at CLEO) that always get me on my feet and tearing up the dance floor. Sharing and caring the jitterbug is totes my thing. Enjoy!


1. Dirty Dancing

Because nobody puts Baby in the corner. You show them Patrick Swayze. This dance is so legendary even The Gos pulled it off on Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Watch it HERE.


2. Mean Girls

Why leave the grinding to R&B when you can pull some thigh-slappin’ moves along to Christmas carols? Be warned: don’t ever try this at home in front of the relatives. Auntie Judy probably won’t live it down, and Grand Uncle might choke on his dentures.

Watch it HERE.


3. Scent of a Woman

I literally stop breathing every time I watch Al Pacino blind-tango his way through the restaurant. This number is breathtakingly beautiful and makes me want to master some ballroom dancing.

Watch it HERE.


4. Little Miss Sunshine

You can always count on the old foggiest to pull some of the freakiest dance moves and bring the family together. Mambo, here we come! 

Watch it HERE.


5. Labyrinth

David Bowie, a baby and goblins? MAGICAL. ‘Nuff said.

Watch it HERE.




Games that drive me crazy: An ode to Flappy Bird
2014.02.17 01:08:31


If you haven’t heard, Flappy Bird got taken down from the app store after its developer Nyugen Ha Dong said he “cannot take this anymore”. His tweets of frustration and subsequent pulling out of the game have caused /ME/ frustration. Simply because I can no longer egg my friends on to download Flappy Bird. It’s not that I’m great at it and want to challenge everyone (I only scored a paltry 19) – it’s just that I would like to spread my angst over to my friends. (Those who play it will understand)
The demise of Flappy Bird only means one thing –another mobile game will take over as app of the year. While waiting anxiously for another crazy game to take over my life, here’s what I think make mobile games so viral: 

1. They’re gorgeous
Not gorgeous as in the state-of-the-art gorgeous. What do Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, Tiny Tower, Plants Vs Zombies, etc have in common? They are cute as hell. I admit, it was very satisfying to bump off green pigs with the birds. And the plants in Plants vs Zombies – I want my sunflowers to look as cute in real life! 

2. They’re simple 
The instructions of Flappy Bird are easy to understand – get the darn bird through those green pipes. There usually is only one objective to these viral games – kill the zombies and pigs, build up your tower, and destroy all the candy. For some games, there are levels involved, and this brings me to my next point…

3. But they are actually so darned difficult 
IT’S JUST GETTING THE BIRD THROUGH THE PIPES – HOW IS IT THAT I ONLY SCORE TWO POINTS. Games that go viral teeter between the thin line of simple yet challenging. They must be simple, but not so easy that you’ll get bored, difficult enough to keep you hooked, yet not so tough that you’ll give up. This is a charming (yet so irritating) point of all the games that we’ve seen go viral. It’s tough getting the angle right for Angry Birds, it’s challenging to think through the next steps of Candy Crush, and it’s so annoying to predict how high and low the Flappy bird will go when you tap on the screen.

4. It’s all about perceived luck
Games that count on skill rarely go viral – especially those brainy IQ ones that need you to solve puzzles. No one wants to rack their brains after a tough day of work and school. Popular games are all about mindless scoring and moving and killing. Take Tiny Tower, it’s about collecting money, building up and making sure that your tower is functioning. The only thing you’ll have to carefully think about is what your first shop will be on your newly minted 56th floor.  

5. You should be able to challenge your friends
Before Flappy Bird got taken off the app store, I told Alicia, our editor, about the game. She didn’t seem too interested, but all it took was one game for her to download it on the phone. Over the weekend, we kept taunting each other over our high scores (I still beat her :P). And that’s the pleasure of the games – it’s a social tool to keep us talking and engaged. And it’s the word of mouth that keeps the games going. 




Cheesy's my kind of thing
2014.02.14 02:17:42


While I'm not all into the whole flowers, gifts, chocolates, expensive restaurants kind of Valentine's Day, I still love this day because it's the perfect day to send all my friends a cheesy line or two and watch them cringe. Here are some of my favourite lines this year; check them out and let me know which ones made you all cheesed-out!




paket liburan ke bali murah 2014
2014.02.11 20:14:18


Paket Tour Murah

Paket Liburan Super Murah 2 Hari / 1 Malam
(minimal 2 orang)

* Dayu Beach Hotel & Tour (Rp 250.000/orang)

Adalah sebuah paket tour wisata di Bali yang dirancang dengan harga spesial dan menyenangkan, di mana anda telah disediakan akomodasi di kawasan kuta di sekitar Discovery shopping mall serta dekat dengan kedai makanan khas Indonesia, sambil jalan-jalan ke obyek wisata di Bali dan hanya berlaku bagi warga negara Indonesia dan/atau pemegang KIMS/KITAS.

Adapun service yang termasuk paket di atas antara lain :
· Layanan jemput dari Airport check in ke hotel.
· Menginap 2 hari/l malam di Dayu Beach Hotel (Twin share) termasuk makan pagi.
· 1x Fullday tour (8-10 jam) berkunjung ke obyek-obyek wisata.


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The Two-Minute Rule: The Secret To Getting More Stuff Done
2014.02.10 01:47:25

I’m quite the productivity junkie. I’m always on the lookout for tricks to get more stuff done each day. For the next few months, I’ll be sharing some of the most useful productivity hacks I’ve come across, starting with my favourite: the two-minute rule.
The rule is simple enough: if something takes less than two minutes to do, do it right away.* 
The thing is, most of the tasks you procrastinate on aren’t actually difficult to do and can be tackled in a couple of minutes. The Two–Minute Rule forces you to do these tasks immediately, rather than let them add on to your long, long list of tasks on your to-do list.
You’d be surprised just how many tasks can be completed within two minutes. Let’s say you plan to meet a friend for lunch at your fave café this weekend. Rather than pencil in “book a table for two for Sunday afternoon” in your to-do list, call the café immediately and make a reservation. 
It might seem like a simple idea, but the two-minute rule can significantly up your productivity, as it’ll help you develop the habit of tackling quick and easy tasks right away. Over time, it adds up.
So what’s something you can do that’ll take less than two minutes? 
Do it right away.
*The Two-Minute Rule was first mentioned by productivity guru David Allen in his book Getting Things Done.




Feeling The Love?
2014.02.07 00:59:13

Are you in the mood for some lovin’ with Valentine’s Day around the corner? I’m a complete sucker for romantic movies and have been known to shout at the screen: “BUT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER!!” 
Anyway, nothing beats seeing your favourite on-screen couple kiss – because deep down inside we want it to be us in that moment. Here’s some of my favourite movie kisses, with tips on how to re-enact them (if you can). 
Oh, the days when Leo was young, blonde and beautiful. When he and Claire Danes locked lips in the elevator, teenage girls all over the world were slain. 
Difficulty Level: Easy. There may not be a camera circling around you, but elevators are easy enough to find. 
I’m not a Tobey Maguire fan, but this scene is so iconic that it has to make the list. Plus everything looks more romantic when you’re standing in the rain. 
Difficulty Level: Tough, but there are ways around it. Please don’t get your man to dangle upside down on the monkey bars (accidents are a sure-fire way to kill the mood) – be inventive with hanging over couches or the bed. 

What did I say about the rain being romantic? Once you add Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams into the mix, the result is a steamy movie kiss to remember. 
Difficulty Level: Moderate. If you want to get in the mood I suppose either one of you will have to get all riled up. If you’re really going to stand in the rain, be sure not to catch a cold (another mood killer). 

This scene already achieved a cult status, but it revived with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s re-enactment in Crazy Stupid Love. Just the phrase “no one puts baby in the corner” says it all. 
Difficulty Level: Close to impossible – unless your man looks like either Patrick Swayze or Gosling. If you’re going to attempt it, make sure he’s done plenty of weight-lifting in preparation. 

Okay, so they’re cartoon dogs, but there’s something so charming and innocent about this Disney kiss. The humble plate of spaghetti has never looked more romantic. 
Difficulty Level: Messy. But if you’re used to slurping up your ramen, this should be a cinch. 

Even though we know it ends in tragedy, Leo and Kate were the perfect couple (or so I thought, when I was eight). I can’t hear a Celine Dion song without seeing this scene in my head. 
Difficulty Level: Depends on how committed you are to re-enacting it. If you can’t be bothered to find a boat (which is fair enough), a standing fan will suffice to recreate the sea breeze. 




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