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Rojukiss Stim Cell White Natural
2010.12.16 01:46:07

Confirm Trading sent me a package sometime back and the first product that I was keen to test one was the Rojukiss Stim Cell White Natural range. It is because, despite my young age (ahem!), I have blotchy skin and being in a uniform group during my teen years (I wish I knew how important it was to use sun block back then) gave me some sun spot and pigmentation.

Products that are in the range includes Light Tone serum for skin that are turning darker, Brown Tone serum for areas that has darker spots ie pigmentation and Daily UV Scatter Sunblock with SPF50 pa+++. The serum contains Nano White Particle 50,000 Molecule and are capable of deep penetration and allows for fast absorption by the skin.It will cost you S$59.90 for a 30ml bottle.

The sunblock on the other hand is suitable for all skin types. It contains the following unique features which provides a whole range of protection from the sun rays.

180 Degree UV Scatter - It reflects out the UV from the skin

Deep Cell Aging Protection - Deeply protect cell and effectively protect skin, so dullness is reduced

Consistent Sunscreen Protection - Perfect protection skin from sunlight for 12 hours

Extra Long Anti Oxidant Anti-Oxidant - Reduces skin damage from sunlight, pollution and other factors as well as brighten up the skin.

Water Proof Sweat Proof - No worries if one perspires while out under the sun

The sunblock is priced at $39.90 for a 50ml pack.

Other available products are as follows :

This cleansing foam (100ml S$29.90, refill 100ml S$19.90) will rid accumulated dirt while whitening the skin and providing oil control. As it's a bubble foam up cleanser, it will get rid of accumulated dead skin cells to restore a brighter complexion.

The day cream (30ml S$45.00) SPF40++ comes in 2 formulas : one for oily, acne-prone skin and another for normal to dehydrated skin.

The one for acne and oily skin gives oil control coverage of up to 12hours and lessens the occurrence of acne. While the one for normal to thirsty skin helps retain moisture for up to 12 hours. Both day creams are SPF40+++ and this protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The night cream's (30ml S$45.00) rejuvenates and restores lackluster skin as it exfoliates accumulated dead cells and encourage new skin cell regeneration.While also stimulating moisture production and locking in moisture to keep skin hydrated.


I love the sunblock. That's all I have to say. Not for the fact that of its unique features of high SPF but simply because of the scent and texture. It has a fresh scent that reminds me of my childhood days as the sunblock smells of FAB clothes washing bar.On top of that, the texture of the sunblock is light; though it gets too runny if I forget to shake the package, and does not leave a white tinge on my skin.

The Light Tone serum helps to improve the clarity and diminishes some of the tiny pimple marks but the Dark Tone serum only managed to lightened some of the sun spots that I have. However, I believe with long term usage, the situation might be different. Both serum has fresh scent too albeit being milder than the sunblock and is of viscous texture. Since it is easily absorbed, no slapping of the face needed!