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Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail and Clear Cube Wax
2010.11.05 01:45:21

The Sample Store recently sponsored 2 products by Liese (pronounced as "lee-zay"), I had the liberty to choose amongst the entire range and I picked Liese Smooth Hair cocktail & Liese Clear Cube Wax 02.

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail is dual-layer treatment of moisture milk & repairing water which combines perfectly into a smooth mixture. The moisture milk locks in moisture and leaves a smooth coating on each strand of hair. This smooth finish allows the hair ends to be combed through easily & eliminate all tangles. Combining that with the repairing water, which instantly hydrates the hair from inside out, we have a winning combination. Clear Cube Wax 02 on the other hand provides hydrating benefits while keeping hair smooth, straight and tangle free.



I find the packaging of the hair cocktail very convenient. The slim bottle can fit snuggly in my bag! (Even my waterbottle is bigger than that.) I love the subtle fruity scent that does not linger on long on the hair. It has a soursop+peach scent which works out really well. Personally, I find the product very user friendly as you can use it on both wet and dry hair. Best of all, not only it detangles my hair, it made my hair smooth and silky that I sprayed it all over my hair! As for the cube wax, I had expected it to be in the hard,waxy type; similar to most men's range of wax. Surprisingly, it had a light,creamy texture. I love the easy application and it does not leave behind sticky residues on the hand. Most importantly, it keeps my hair in shape and hydrates it as well!



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2010.12.12 16:16:07

I love the way you twirl your hair into bun and create a wavy effect after applying this product! Should try this on asap!