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ELF Shimmer Eyerliner Pencil
2010.10.09 16:59:28

This is the second part of my ELF haul. I was tempted to purchase the Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil after trying out Loreal Hip Chrome Eyeliner. I merely wanted to make a tiny comparision between the two.

Honestly, I was impressed with the variety of colours available. However, I've decied to play it save by purchasing Black Bandit and Gunmetal only.

The eyeliner goes on smoothly with no tugging. A definite point worth mentioning for a product that merely cost US$1 each. The creamy texture gives a wet look and the shimmers are tiny and evenly distributed. Great pigmentation too. On top of which, it comes with a nifty packaging of a sharpener cap. Despite all that, the staying power isn't as impressive. It does smudges after a while.Still, this is a good product for short hours use; say going to the grocery store.

You never know whom you'll bump into along the way!