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I Nuovi Blushers
2010.10.07 03:15:40

We women are always looking for reasons to celebrate and shop and I've decided to place an order for I Nuovi Blushers to commemorate my first month of surviving full time studies at NIE!

All together, there are 16 differrent shades ranging from orangey shades, brownish shades, pinkish shades and neutral shades.

I so need to stop staring at these newly acquired babies!




2010.10.13 16:22:29

omg! how are u going to use them all finish? hahahaha

2011.01.07 09:35:36

u have so much blushers..!!!!and u still got some elf blushers as well...!!!! i wanna b u...!!!!!!!!so i cn play wif all the blushers..!