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Japan FIRST Water Based Makeup Remover
2011.11.07 17:08:16

Japan FIRST Water based makeup remover, Cleansing Express is

now known as

"BI" means 美 or Beauty in Japanese while "FESTA" is an

abbreviation of Festival.

So, Bifesta means Beauty Festival.

With the rebranding, has Bifesta improved?

Let's put the improved Bifesta with Plus-Ion Hyaluronic Acid

to the test.


Lotion Moist

Before : Smoky Eye

Wet Cotton Pad with 2-3 Pumps of Lotion

Place Cotton Pad on Eye for at least 10 Seconds

After : Traces of Eye Color on Cotton Pad

After : Clean Eye with Swipes of Lotion Moist

Amazing? Powerful? Unbelievable?

How can Water be even Better than Oil?

Can even remove waterproof Eyeliner? Let's put Bifesta to

another test.

Before : Waterproof Eyeliner

Running Water under Waterproof Eyeliner

Wiping off Waterproof Eyeliner with Cotton Pad Dampened with Lotion Moist

In the Process . . .

After : Completely off and Moisturized

Ta - Dah . . . Completely Clean

Bifesta is a Gentle but Powerful Makeup Remover Series born

from Beauty Lotion.

Bifesta, previously known as Cleansing Express, has won

Numerous Awards locally

Let's check out Bifesta New and Impoved product lineup

W("O")W . . .  with so many products, which one fits specifically

to my skin, you may ask.

Here it is




The comparison chart of Makeup Removal and Moisturising

strength of the various Lotions

Still not convinced? A bit unbelievable

Check out what the TVC has got to show . . .

Keen to try?

Bifesta is Celebrating this Beauty Festival by giving out

trials of Cleansing Lotion Sebum


"LIKE" Bifesta on their
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