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Review : The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam
2011.06.07 01:33:50

The most common benefits of rice water is that it contains a truckload of nutrients that aids in removing sebum and thus rejuvenating, lightening and smoothing the skin. Despite being feasible, it is not hygienic to keep a bucketful of rice water each time you rinse your uncooked rice (Just how much can rinsing water can you keep and how often do you cook rice). Thus the next alternative is to use products that contains rice water; such as The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam.

A tub contains 150ml of cleansing foam and retails for SGD$22.90 / RM$35.90 at any The Faceshop outlets. It has a mild fresh scent that does not lingers on. Personally, I feel that it has a sweet undertone scent in addition to its base rice-y scent. I've been using it twice daily for about 5 weeks now and am glad to announce that it does not cause me to have any breakouts. To think about it, I did not suffer any pre-thattimeofthemonth pimples outbreak since I started using this product.

Could it be due to the fact that the product claims to deep cleanse? The cleansing foam lathers up to form a milky-creamy paste and is easy to rinse off; it sorts of glides down my chin once I splashed my face with water. Its brightening claim appears to be true in the sense that my face seems whiter than before washing; though I think that there is a possibility of residual product that adheres to the skin.

I love the cleansing foam as it is mild on the skin and seems to live up to its claim.Numerous times I have considered buying another backup pack since The Faceshop Singapore is having a store wide 20% off. However, other Asian brands such as Nature Republic and Kitoko Kalani has also included rice water based products in their range. Should I try or just stick to status quo?