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Dress your face with facial masks
2011.11.17 07:11:47
For this post I will be posting to you all facial masks that I've used and these are:

1. Love Aqua Mask

- the sheet is transparent and like other beauty mask, skin get smoother and brighter.  read more about Love More Aqua Mask

2. Love More Magic Black White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask

3. For Beloved One Mask

For Beloved One Mask is considered the thinnest biological fiber in the natural world, the Safest mask texture and tightly fitting the face surface. read more about For Beloved Mask

4. Love More Facial Masks

the original types of Love More masks these are Japan Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask(with ear-hooks), Japanese Pearls Firming  & Whitening Mask and Australia Agar-agar Lifting Mask read my review here - Love More Facial Masks

5. My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Mask

It's chocolate mask, we all know that chocolate is good for our skin. read more here - My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Mask

6. Dress Me Facial Mask

mask for hydration and exfoliation - read more here about Dress Me Facial Mask




Look Book #14: Garden Party
2011.11.17 04:12:26

Just bought the December 2011 issue of Cleo Magazine in a package,  there are 4 magazines in 1 pack, one mini mag is the SMART Girl's Guide to Shopping and 1 page there feature dresses shoes, hats and accessories best for Garden Party this Christmas Season and my version would be this. A farmer's hat with blue ribbon, shell earings, bikini top inside the dress, strip dress that is stretchable on the hips -while wearing it you feel light and breezy (as suggested), a pair of wedgy slippers.

- -




LOok Book #13: With A Weird Bag
2011.11.16 06:34:55

Just wore a dainty black floral dress from Forevever21 and carrying a far-out neon color bag and a light blue furry pen. Weird or what?! I love this dress, it is lightweight, unlined and has elastic waist.

skin care review




Look Book #12: Preppy in a Tropical Country
2011.11.16 05:12:18
Wanted to look Preppy on a sunny day by  just wearing a shirt and shorts. Preppy  describes as a 50s style which are clean, conservative, classy, light make up and has a happy attitude. Preppy shorts are like bermuda shorts so I choose the blue and white polka dots pattern and about the pink white strip shirt with a ribbon on the right is kinda preppy since Preppy colors are bright colors and the ribbon adds preppilicious on it. the shirt has also a sexy back not shown on this picture.

Shirt:  Sixties Inspired Design Studio, Citylink (for $10)
Shorts: (I think $15 or less)




Look Book #11 Lonely in Pink
2011.11.15 18:28:01

Had this shoot last August with the professional Photographer Raphael Banta. This was located at Bukit Timah rail road.
I am not yet sure if the rails are still there but the place is great, you must take a photo of yourself there!

The  qualities that I like about this Pink Dress is that, it's style is a semi-ballerina dress, It can be a ballerina dress since it is satin inner lining,  you will just have to add accessories and a big ribbon or a thick pink satin belt at the back then 
make a  Ballerina Bun with your hair and viola! 

Pink Tube Dress:
Red High-heeled shoes: Feretti




Look Book #10 Forever IN
2011.11.15 17:22:35

Shirt: Black Sheep
Shorts: Black Sheep
Sandal: Bought it at Far East Plaza for $10 only.

This get up I usually wore last year and I think up to now its still in so what are the possible reason why this kind of outfit last long? I gathered all possible reasons based on my perspective:
1. Comfortable
2. Easy to wear
3. Everybody also wears it
4. Not Expensive
5. Looks stylish than wearing the normal t-shirt and shorts/pants
6. Simple yet sexy
7. can pair it with  sandal, wedge
8. the shirt can be brand new, or your boyfriends shirt or parent's or brother's shirt
9. Any color will do as long as your shorts is  jeans
10. All kinds of Female body shapes looks good on this outfit.

So based on your perspective what are the other reason  that are not listed?




Look Book #9
2011.11.15 06:03:44

Simple Look in a sunny day. Long skirt and peach blouse I think is a good combination matching brown wedges. This long skirt should hide flaws on you legs I suppose and the blouse is super fab, the fabric is soft and stylish, the cut on the shoulder is sexy even it has a sleeve.

Blouse and skirt were bought at local blogshops online. Visit Quiqui, sophie and Zoe's blog to found out more cool blogshops.

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil




Couple Shirt
2011.11.15 04:48:25

If you have a boyfriend and have a common favorite cartoon character, I guess both of you have a couple shirt of your favorite cartoon character. Me and Bf loves domo and this shirt is our only couple shirt. Couple shirt is one of the object that symbolizes love and joy for every couple, I think couple or in a relationship status or not married yet rings are for those people who can't wait to get married? rings only for married people right? so think of something that is cute and  fun :)

Amethystory Skin Care




Look Book #8 Hello Kitty
2011.11.15 04:32:10

Location:Hong Kong
Wearing Plus Size Hello Kitty shirt with hood, Black Leggings bought at Korea via and my favorite boots from New Look
This shirt is the most comfortable ever, I just love wearing plus size shirt and the print is adorable and cute - its Hello Kitty men!
I also can see lots of girls wearing Hello Kitty plus size shirts, Hello Kitty rocks! meow!




Look Book #7 : Black
2011.11.14 22:39:54

Black in Fashion will always be black it will there forever so today I will be posting more of a full black outfit since it's Autumn Winter Season.

I wore  a black sleevless dress that is glitzy and stylish looked. It's a Classic Little Black Sequin Dress suitable for a non-slim body like mine.I wore black leggings to add sexy style and enhance my style without showing  more skin and my high heeled wedge boots to looked a little tall. I also love the sequins its fabulous.

with my sister

Black Dress: Bought it at Bugis Street
Boots: New Look
Stocking: New Look
Jacket: I forgot (so long ago)

Singapore Flyer




Look Book #6
2011.11.14 03:54:09

I feel comfortable when I wear this kind of style especially my white shirt. I bought it last year at Cache Cache Marina Square and it was on sale, lucky me! :) I also love my wedge coz its add extra height, haha, I mean every girls wants to be tall right?

Jacket/coat: Red 2
Shirt: Cache Cache
Shorts: Black Sheep
Wedge: Forever 21
Bag: Kate Spade

Makeup: none

- Visit araphoenix blog -




Pearlavish Dress
2011.11.14 02:04:19
I love this Dress Simply because its pastel color. the dress' textile is so lovable, its  lightweight cotton polyester mix and so comfty and above all it's not so fit, Body like mine is so unfortunate so must chose the right one that won't see  your babay fats.

me and Rebecca, a blogger too :) used Black Charles and Keith sandal

More Pearlavish Dress:

Pretty right? I used another pastel pink dress on the above picture.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post neither Pearlavish didn't sponsored me this dress, they just gave it to us from an event.And I am not also connected with them :) Mainly my purpose is to share to the awesome Cleo blog readers :)




Featured Tops
2011.11.14 00:53:05

Where I bought it: New Look, City Link
Desc: It's a floral sheer top. I describe it most as fresh and feminine. Can wear for everyday lifestyle coz it's easy, stylish  and casual.

Where I bought it: Forever 21, Somerset 313
It's a Tiered Spaghetti Top that is stylish and colorful without overheating.

Where I bought it: Cotton On, Jurong Point
It's a peach beaded Long u-cut blouse, it's sexy and already accesorized.




Look Book #5 Simple
2011.11.13 22:47:32

Decided to post something simple and bubbly look today

Top: Longs Sleeve Cotton on
Pants: Topshop 
Shoes: Mondo Flats
Belt: Topshop
Bag: Kate Spade Pink
Make-up: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation




Look of the Day
2011.11.12 22:35:24

Makeup Used: 

Face: Loreal Make-up Base and Revlon Liquid Foundation

Eyes: Freshkon Contact Lens, Maybelline Eyebrow Brown Color, Etude House Styling White Eye Liner, AVON eye color make-up, Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner and Mascara, Kiss Me Heroine Half Upper Fake Eyelashes, First Kiss New York Bottom Eyelashes. 

Cheeks: Candy Doll Pink Blush 

Lips: Candy Doll Pink Lip Gloss, Lip Ice Sheer Color 

By the way, I used half falsies not the whole curve so that my eyes will remain big to achieve that anime look.

So how did I removed my makeup? I used Bifesta - Japan's leading makeup remover read more here




Look Book #4
2011.11.09 00:37:57

I find this as one of my most favorite because the design achieved the fun feminine glamorous look for less casual + Sheer tops is now in. 

Black Leggings: Nets
Wedge: Charles and Keith




Look Book #3
2011.11.09 00:30:16

Skirt: Forever21

Falsies: Sex and the City
Lipstick: Maybelline
Eyeliner: The Kiss Me Heroine Make
Mascara: The Kiss Me Heroine Make




CLEO Magazine November 2011
2011.10.15 19:01:36
Bought the lastest Edition of Cleo Magazine November Edition. Get yours now!

read more about my weekend haul here




Look Book 2
2011.10.12 19:00:47

Location: Hong Kong and Macau
Shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Guess
Boots: New Look
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Look Book 1
2011.10.09 23:13:31

This was my look when we went to Disneyland HK. I tell you it's not comfortable but when I saw the photos I didn't regret i. Anyway there's no special in Disneyland, I still prefer Universal Studio Singapore though.

BOOTS: New Look
Black Leggings: new Look
Shorts: Forever 21
Black Shirt: Valerie
Brown Hat: got it from

I super duper love my boots, worth it! I feel comfortable even if its a wedge boots I can still run and walk in a very long distance. I wore this the whole day but somehow at night I felt the pain in my feet but anyway I am still loving it.




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