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Toshiba Portege R830 Notebook PC
2012.03.09 21:58:56

My Toshiba Portege R830 Notebook PC Experience

I brought this laptop on my vacation on the 1st week of January and it so portable
I carried it without the feeling how heavy it is. I did photo editing, blogging and
did email replies while I am away. It also has a long lasting battery and I only
charged it for twice in a week!

Appearance: very slim , light and portable. Even if it's so thin it has the complete ports/drivers that a blogger needs, USB, SD Card reader, DVD Drive and etc. It has a metal cover, the keyboard is also great.

Performance: very fast even if I opened multiple application still it loads fast like blogging, I opened Photoshop, MS Doc, Google Chrome with 5 tabs, Skype and folders and no logging occurs. The camera quality is also good.

For more information about Features and specs Click here




My Experience as a Cleo Magazine Guest Editor
2012.03.06 21:10:59

January 5, 2012 I met Cynthia and Kamei the editors of Cleo Magazine. They briefed me on the things needed to be done as a guest editor. They also explained on how Cleo Magazine works at the same time they gave me the opportunity to have these products:

This is the Toshiba laptop that I used upon reviewing those awesome products. I will be reviewing this laptop soon.So stay tune! the most portable laptop ever I used that I can do all the things I wanted to do as a Web Developer and as  Blogger.

So here are the pages where I was featured:

CLEO Singapore Magazine March 2012 issue cover

My Page! hahaha As the second blogger to be featured in the CLEO Next Top Blogger Finalist.

The most enjoyable activity was during the beauty spread shoot with Cynthia and I really learned a lot from it. Like how they check and review the photos taken. While the least would be reviewing acne skin care products because most of them are effective and it's hard to decide on which is the best of them.

Being part of the shoot with Cynthia, the beauty editor was so great! I was able to know  how a professional makeup artist and hair stylist do their work on a gorgeous model. And able to know the products they are using. It's not as easy as I think before, they followed steps to achieved a perfect visual which specifies the color of eyes, lips and cheeks.

I also learned on how they come up with a gorgeous look by choosing a concept, purchasing makeups, accessories, clothes and nail colors , communicating with the makeup artist and hairstylist then sitting down with the photographer to direct the expected outcome.

About the makeup artist, she did use less foundation base on the model's complexion. Used lip balm first to head cracked lips. It was amazing to see how she did the models eye makeup into a sweeter twist of look. It is what you see in the magazine are real from colors, complexion and hairstyle.What you see in the magazine are the actual colors and complexion, no way we can rely always on photoshop.

Second Page of Me as an adviser and my top 3 favorite bloggers.

My acne care product reviews! yey! It's like dream come true!

 Separate posts for each of it! So better stay tune :)

Behind the Scenes. The first day of meeting it was last January 5 , 2012.

I learned that publishing a magazine monthly is not that easy. Everyone should follow every process and needs to collaborate with each other. It's great to see various professions such as model, photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist and editors work together to be able to hit their desired outcome.

In an editors side, they tried to look for opportunities that can help women who have skin problems which in return can use a specific product that might help them. These persons will have the chance to review the product also which can benefit the product itself.I respect and adore everyone in the CLEO team who really worked hard on every page of the magazine.




Leaders Insolution Mask is now Available in Singapore!
2012.03.01 00:47:05
42 Leaders Insolution Mask Event
Good News Mask Lovers! My favorite and I know also your, the Leaders Insolution Mask(the No.1 Mask in Korea and in Singapore soon) is now available in Singapore!




Going to KL
2012.02.24 07:13:58

We are going to KL tomorrow with BF so I will be offline this weekend! See you this weekdays :)

and checkout what I bought at Gmarket it's from Korea and it's awesomely cheaper than you can see at the malls. plus it has lots of freebies (shoelaces!!!) I will be wearing this tomorrow :)

By the way, have you bought your Cleo Magazine March 2012? Check page 94 :) Yes I am the second blogger finalist featured in the cleo magazine and I will be posting more about it next time and my full review of all the products I tried  as a guest editor :)

Bye Everyone! :)




Dolly Wink Eyeliner
2012.02.23 17:31:31

Just bought Tsubasa's Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner - Black at Watson (my 2nd home lol). I bought it because of the packaging cos it's so adorable! but really, because it's one of Tsubasa's cosmetics and I read a lot of good reviews about it so I bought one. Tricia G also using it so I think it would be worth it! This pencil eyeliner costs me $17.99 SGD.

Want to know more? Click Here

Want more eyeliner reviews?

Majolica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner BK920

Etude House Styling White Eye Liner

Elizabeth Arden Black Brown Eye Pencil




Baby & Posh
2012.02.19 17:55:45

Me and sister had our little bonding at our house and as usual doing a fun shoot with our photographer mon, my ever loving boyfriend :)

So here are the photos we took with the theme: Baby & Posh

Sis Kaye Wardrobe, Makeup and Accessories:

Black Dress with Sequins - bought at Bugis Street

Wedge: Forever 21

Makeup: Revlon Red Lipstick, Maybelline Eye colors, Sex and the City falsies

Mine Wardrobe, Makeup and Accesories:

Top - Bought at Bugis Street

Skirt: Gipsy Scarlet (

Black Stocking: New Look

Blue Shoes - Bought at Bugis Street

Earrings: Forever 21

Red tie: Daiso

Makeup: Urban Decay , Chanel Foundation, Loreal Lipstick, Heroine Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Candy Doll Blush on




Outdoor Look Tips
2012.02.15 20:59:09

Since I love travelling outdoor and loves the day so much. Here are my tips on what look is the best when you are out of town wearing only sports shoes, tshirt and cap.

At Go Kart Circuit, Batam

Almost all of us loves to take pictures wherever we are and wanted to maintain that glamorous look even though you are not in your office, party, malls and in any special occasions. So  here are my tips on what makeup you should bring in an outdoor activities:

1. As much as possible bring only few

2. Bring only 1 eyeliner, light colored eye shadows, pink lipstick , lipbalm and light blush

3. only bring the important brushes especially eyeshadow brushes.

4. Do not bring falsies, you already know why! We can apply mascara if you want thicker lashes.

5. Bring your cute baseball cap or umbrella

6. Apply Sun protection cream before going out! Me, I am using Loreal UV Perfect SPF 50

So here is  my demo outdoor Look:

While in the Plane/Ferry/Bus, still us girls we wanted to look glamorous at all time. So here is my makeup simple yet looked so blooming.

Don't let your face suffer from the heat of sun, use your favorite hat and make sure your make up fits well on your style.

And you will be happy whole day and unconscious! especially while riding extreme rides! Note: always wear flat shoes in going to theme parks eg. Universal StudioDisneyland :)

For my makeup, I used Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Box makeup for my eyes, cheeks and lips. Best Example for a travel makeup!




My Valentines Day Story
2012.02.13 17:25:29

This is not a true story!

Okay my story begins on me (picture above). So happy to meet my Prince Charming and on my way to Theme Park (I prefer theme park than  expensive restaurant for my story here). So while on my way, Let's rewind first on how I get that Look (Yeah! I know Michelle Phan style but in a blog post way teehee).

Me without makeup but I already applied Base, Foundation(Revlon Photo Ready), Mineral Powder(Kate) and I already did the contouring of my nose and eyebrow. And I will use my Urban Decay Naked Palette that my sister gave me last Christmas for my eyes. As a non-professional/expert in eye makeup especially in blending I decided to play with it since the palette is easy to use. Background Check: Practicing/Watching Tutorials on Youtube/No One Taught me How or Even attended makeup session. :)

I used 4 colors I forgot already but it's according to what I love :) Then after the eye makeup I lined my eye using black liquid eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger at the same time give more emphasis.

Then after that I curled my lashes for a dimmer effect and black mascara to look thicker and longer.

Then for a darker but sutle effect, we must cheat (hahah so Michelle Phan) so I used Demi Lashes(half) so that it will looked natural.

Then I applied blush-on on my cheeks using Elizabeth Arden blush on shade, really wanted to apply bronzer to contour the shape of my face but well I just have to use my resources here at home.

Then I apply red lipstick for a glam look and curl my hair for a mature and more glamorous look. I didn't curl all my hair cos it will looked like I will be going to a Prom but see how it goes:

and yes we're back! and I am already in the Theme Park and looking for my Prince Charming but wait here he comes now holding something behind his back and yes surprisingly he gave me:

Flowers!!! So sweeeet and wait there's more! Ohhh Myyyyy Gooooddd!!


and propose to me by saying: "Will You Marry Me" and I said "YES!"

and me soooo Happy! and They live happily ever after The End :)

How's my story? Crap or Not? hehehehe...

Enjoy your Valentines Day with your love one :) and Stay in love forever :)

PS, My real Valentines Date with BF will be posted soon. We will be dating not on February 14 but you'll know when.  :)





Happy Valentines Day
2012.02.13 06:11:22

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Enjoy you February 14 with your loved ones or with your friends :)

Take Care :)




Japanese Hair Care: Lucido-L
2012.02.12 18:20:02

Yet another Japanese product? Yes your right! Lucido-L is a japanese brand for hair styling.

Did you know that in Japan it is a must that their  hair must beautiful before styling? Yes! that's why as you can see their hair is so perfect and envied by every girls around the world and most of them are using Lucido L Hair Make Supplement.

and right now I will be reviewing to you the  Lucido L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil for Straight Hair.

It  has + CMC (Cell membrane complex)  in hair follicles which means:

In other words, just like our skin that needs hydration and by applying treatment oil everyday. By using this you might think that it will get your hair oily? but no! it will absorb to you hair and acts as water-keeping ability and that leads to beautiful hair.

So let's try it! The packaging is in pretty in pink  container  and it's like a pink big capsule and there's no pouring needed you'll just have to spray.

and after using it:

I Like how my hair got softer and it did smell good. I liked how my hair looked thinner cos I have a very bad thick hair + wavy :( but now it's so amazing. It also penetrates dry, brittle and damage hair cuticles.

The only con about this product is that it's too oily so better use ample amount and avoid applying it on your scalp. For a better result apply it by spreading it from top up to the end. It's also long lasting so no need to re-apply it.

also you might wanna try:

Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water

if you like water based treatment and wanted your hair to get smoother after waking up try this!

Currently I use this  before going to bed. I love it because it's water-based,  fragrance free, sometimes I don't feel using the scented one.

And when I woke up, My hair is so soft and not wavy.

If you want to have a trendy hair? Worry no more Lucido-L is here :)

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post or sponsored product from Lucido L PR for me to review. 





Etude House Haul for $10
2012.02.08 22:27:20

Last Month, Etude House Jurong Point was having a 20% promotion to all items. The cheap-stake in me didn't resist to go in and tried out their samples. Personally, I am not a fan of Etude House cosmetics because their quality is more like Lioele which doesn't blend well on my skin and lips. I don't want to rant about their product but since that was me and also my sister's experience where she bought a face foundation that lead her face to clogged pores and more acne. I am not saying that their cosmetics are not good, I think for a skin like us which is a combination of oily, dry and sensitive it's not recommended. I think if you have that Korean complexion and skin condition, I think it would be alright.

Okay, now I will show you the products that I bought:

1. Etude House Petite Nail Colors - I love the colors, but you can't expect from a $3.90 each right? But if you know how to apply it correctly with colorless to have that glossy look. It's not always about the product, its always how you apply it :)

I got Baby Blue and Yellow shades in a cute lovely bottle.

On the picture, I double coat it and top coated it with a colorless nail polish that I bought at SASA. I didn't experienced any difficulties since it easily dries but when I coated it with colorless, it changes the color. It doesn't lasted for so long but the colour are amazing.

2. Styling White Eye Liner - so far so good. I love the effects on my eyes after applying it the inner corner of my eyes or in the waterline. One thing I don't like is that it easily break but you can control your hands carefully. so no worries better buy this if you don't want to spend more on a white eyeliner.

One more thing I like about it is, its not a pencil so no need for s sharpener and of course it's cheap :)

Tested it on my hand, it's very white and opaque. It will help you achieve that big doll eye look. I didn't tried applying it on my waterline, since I am afraid of  any  eye disease will cause me but I think if you're already expert on lining your waterline, it would be great!




Our Incredible Macau Trip
2012.02.08 22:24:38

Last September 2011, we went to Macau for 1 day as part of our Hong Kong trip. We took a Ferry from the port to Macau for about 25 minutes. Enjoy the photos that we took in  Asia's little Vegas - Macau.

Hard Rock Hotel Macau

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

The Venetian

The Venetian

The Venetian

The Venetian

The Venetian

The Venetian

City of Dreams

Casino Hotels

Star World Casino

My favorite Macau Food

For questions on how to get there, just leave  a comment and I 'll reply :)




Urban Decay Naked Palette
2012.02.04 06:48:41

Last Christmas, My sister gave me this:

An Urban Decay Naked Palette that contains 12 incredible not boring and blendable shades. I so love the packaging it's like a royal makeup for Princesses covered with velvet textile.

I tell you all of these 12 shades are long lasting even more better when using Urban Decay Primer which comes in a potion container.

The shades are Virgin: It's the lightest shade among the 12 and it is good colour for highlighting or all-over base shade and effects for the  inner tear duct, Sin: light pink and also for highlighting, NakedSideCar: shimmering brown and red, Buck:which I always used for my noseline effect, Half baked- for a metallic finish, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted: super copper colour, Hustle: shimmering dark brown, Creep: dark blue + black + silver + shimmering effect, Gunmetal:gray with silver glitter.


All colours are neutral good for a classy and gorgeous look whenever and wherever you are :)

And I used it on my best friend's wedding day as a maid of honor, Look:

Base: Kiss Me Heroine BB Cream, Revlon Photo Foundation Liquid, Revlon Base Cream, Kate Mineral Powder, The Body Shop Eye Concealer.

Eyes: Kiss Me Heroine Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner, Elizabeth Arden Eye pencil for my eyebrows and ofcourse Urban Decay for the colors.

Cheeks: Candy Doll Pink Blush

Lips: Elizabeth Arden Coraline LipstickCandydoll Pink Lip Gloss

Side view. My eye colours really lasted long from day to night and also with the help of urban decay primer :)

and with my cozy room pink 3D fake nails :)




Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Box
2012.01.29 21:03:26

One of the best gift my sister and I received last Christmas is the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Box.

The box consists of  Eye and cheek color palettes, 2 different shades of Lipstick, Black Brown Eye Pencil, Tampe Lip Pencil,  Black Mascara and 1 pink lip gloss - Shimmering Pink.

I will not be posting a camwhore pic of me using these Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics but stay tune of my upcoming posts, especially the palette, the shades are so awesome and very pigmented, you will love it :) (* In case I already did post you can search Elizabeth Arden on the search bar cos I will be tagging it).

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick: Pink Punch and Coraline


Eye and Cheek Palettes

Cool palette (six eyeshadows in Plumsmoke, Oyster, Berry Pink, Iridescent Lilac, Beechnut, and Baby Blue, plus cheekcolor in Pink Glow and Shimmer Powder in Rose Shimmer

Eye Pencil -  Smokey Black and  Lip Pencil- Taupe


Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black

 Review will be next! Stay tune :)




Vanity Trove
2012.01.29 21:00:04

Vanity Trove Singapore Press Release:

Imagine this: you wake up in the early hours to head to out everyday, endure stressful situations trying to complete tasks and meet deadlines at your workplace or studyplace. Finally, you head home after a trying day in the rush hour crowd.

At this moment, your doorbell rings and you are greeted with a beautifully wrapped box with accented with classy pink notes. Within it, a specially curated range of beauty products and other surprises just for you. What better way to put a smile on your face?

Inspired by the concept of fukuburuko, the mystery grabbag style of presenting products from the fashion hub of Japan, VanityTrove presents a unique service right here in Singapore! This new trend is set to grab the hearts of ladies around the island who deserve some pampering. 

Here’s how it works:
1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of only S$25/- (inclusive of packing, shipping and handling fees) or S$300/- for 13 months (1 month free!)

2) On the 15th of every month, VanityTrove sends out specially curated sets of beautiful surprises to paid subscribers

3) Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it!

For S$25/-, you get to receive the top products in the beauty industry because we know the ladies want only the best for their beautiful selves. Additionally, our beauty experts behind the scene identify and pick the newest beauty trends for you to test. Beauty sampling and pampering has never been made so accessible and affordable! You might be interested to know that the Snail Street masks made from the secretion of snail (one of the trending beauty ingredient currently) has created a lot of excitement for its effectiveness within our subscribers. You can trust VanityTrove to provide only the best and effective products for you.

But that’s not all! VanityTrove allows for users to share the love with the “gift” option. Boyfriends, husbands, bosses, brides, best friends, and more can now send their love to the beautiful people in their lives with this service. What not put a smile on someone else’s face today?

VanityTrove is set to create a trending wave with its engagement and collaboration with key industry players and experts so subscribers can look to having bigger and better surprises each month. Be excited because being beautiful will not hard to achieve with VanityTrove around!





A Singapore Love Story
2012.01.19 18:26:45

This post will be about my sister's love story and how she reflected with this new novel "A Singapore Love Story" by Low Kay Hwa - one of the youngest full-time novelists in Singapore.

Wang Jing Lin reviewed the book said "Readers who cannot relate to the factor that separates Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet can now read "A Singapore Love Story".

 Thanks to Low Kay Hwa for sharing to me his masterpiece unforunately I have no time to read this month since I am so busy with ___ will reveal it next month! it's secret for now. But my sister did read cos she really loves story and here is her reflection:

“Love is like a rubber band, it can be either be stretched to its limit so that it can hold the most number of things or it can be stretched till it breaks.” This quotation makes me think a lot of realization of my own love story. Love is a magical, it is the best thing that ever happened in my entire life, it comes naturally and unexpectedly.

When the time I read the novel entitled “ A Singapore Love Story” by Low Kay Hwa”. My heart opens up widely and I felt like I'm one of the luckiest girl in the world knowing that there's someone always behind my laughter, sadness, and tears. Falling in love with him makes my heart smiled and makes my heart beat faster at the same time.

Valerie and Michael love each other as much as they could. Despite of Valerie's parents dislike Michael for he is only a poor guy but still Michael fought for it and do everything so that he can deserved the love of Valerie and worthy of the blessings of her parents. Michael Strive very very hard to pleased the expectations of his parents in law to be.

To be honest, I really love my boyfriend more that he'll ever know but I cannot resists entertaining guys that can give me a lot of things that my boyfriend cannot give me. Other guys, only prada that they can afford to give me but I only love their prada not them coz I'm deeply in love with my boyfriend.

Love is like a rubber band, it can be stretched widely until it hold too much things or it can be broke, Michael and Valerie stretched their love until the end but it's too much things that they hold on and forget about the reality that they cannot be together anymore that's why their rubber band breaks in the end.

After reading it, I'm scared that our rubber band will be stretched so much till it breaks. I'm very afraid to loose him, he is the love of my life, he is my everything and my world. I cannot bear of loosing him in my life. For now, as long as we love each other, I'll cherish every moment that we've been together as long as I live to love him for the rest of my life.

The melody of love can be louder than the noise of reality but not about hearing the noise, it's how you listen of the melody that goes on in your heart.

As you can read my sister's review and reflection she is more in love with her love one now. If you are still in doubt of your love one or wanted to understand what really love is read A Singapore Love Story.and if you still have the question if what is important Love or Money? again, you can realize that after reading A Singapore Love Story. :)

For only SGD17.90 and 140 pages you can realize how precious your own Love Story.




Maid Of Honor
2012.01.16 04:35:16
Last week was my bestfriend's wedding and I was so lucky to be chose as her maid of honor and here was my look so busy and tired




Leaders Insolution Masks
2012.01.16 04:32:04

LEADERS Insolution Masks is a No.1 Mask proven and tested by Dermatologist in Korea. Today there are lots of masks available in the beauty market and it's hard which one to buy and what should be not use. We rely more on other people's review but we should also consider what SKIN EXPERTS say about it. And recently in Korea, Dermatologist Tested Masks are recently very hot in beauty industry.

Effects: Brightening, Lifting, Soothing, Reduce Wrinkle, Whitening, Hydrating, Calm & relief trouble skin

Unlike other facial masks, Leaders Insoulution Mask has no artificial preservatives - I think this refer to a very cheap mask so you better careful , Paraben FREE and only use Natural Certified Plant Extracts.

Here are the different effects of Leaders Insoulution Mask you can choose from depend on your skin needs:

1. LEADERS Insolution Collagen Lifting Mask

- To achieve younger looking skin and promotes collagen synthesis.

Review: Since I don't have wrinkles yet (and hopefully i'll be wrinkles less forever) I can't see if any improvement however, I can feel the smoothness on my face after used.

2. LEADERS Insolution Skin Renewal Mask

- Aloe Vera is already well known for soothing skin, this mask hydrates  and soothes your skin and helps calm and balance irritated skin.

Review: This mask is one of my favorite since one of the effects I am looking for a mask is skin hydration.  Yes No Doubt on it's effectiveness I can feel my skin hydrated throughout the day. My skin looks less oily especially in T-zone area.

3. LEADERS Insolution Teatree Relaxing Mask

- helps reduce symptons of trouble skin, pores care and soothes skin.

Review: After using the mask, my skin got smoother and less visible blemishes.

4. LEADERS Insolution Vital Bright

- It Brightens overall and promotes clearer and even skin tones.

Review: My skin got little brighter and supple,  you will see the difference more when you use it everyday.

5. LEADERS Insolution Aquaringer 

 - intense and long-lasting hydration, diminishes dead skin cells and promotes skin turnover.

Review: The hydration effect is really long lasting, recommended to use it in day before going out.It also reduces visible blemishes and whiteheads.

And wait! If you are wondering where you can buy these masks? You can't buy this at any supermarket but you can only purchase it at for $2.80 per piece click here - and there are also lots of beauty deals they are offering, visit now :) - 




Happy New Year!
2011.12.31 22:02:17
Happy New Year CLEO Blog Readers and Bloggers!
Welcome 2012!

April Kwong




Acrylic or fake nails
2011.12.27 18:28:41
As mentioned on my last My Cozy Room post the prize I won from the Blogger Gals Party lucky draw was a  free "My Cozy Manicure and Acrylic nails". Check out my  lovely glittered pink nails with a white flower and crystal on the center.

and  yes it's Acrylic nails! Looks so real right?  

Brilliant, tricked-out and ultra-decorated nails are the best description for today generation trendy nails Trendy Nails is the best accessory on your fashion. And if you are fond of  nail art why don't you try the Acrylic nails that is changeable, long time that can be used in the future , extremely hard , you don’t have to get worried about breaking a nail , and ofcourse trendy and it can be your greatest accessory.

My Cozy Room offers My Cozy Manicure that includes shaping, buffing & cutting away rough cuticles followed by OPI nail polish and finish with a nourishing hand massage within 45 minutes. And if you want 3D  nails and nail arts, My Cozy Room offers gorgeous Japanese Acrylic nails with your chosen style,form color,  and your nail size.

You can choose event-specific styles like for weddings, events, holidays, etc. At the First Day I visited, the professional manicurist  measured the size of my nails with the synthetic nail.  

Then she let me chose the pattern I like and also she said that I can personalize my own nail design and since I am not good at it I choose the design on the Japanese nail art catalogue. And after a couple of days it's done and  claimed it =)  

Apart from the kawaii Japanese Fake nails they also gave me the nail stickers, and a manicure stick.

Look how real it is. These artificial nails are sturdy and you will have a difficult time biting them.  

  Advantage of Using Acrylic Nails: 1. Customable. 2. Durable and Last Long. 3. Can cover any flaws on your natural nails and it will look long even if you have a short natural nails. 4. The nails polish can last longer than the ordinary nail polish on your natural nails.

It's so easy to put on these nails: Just stick the sticker on the back of the fake nails, after a minute remove the sticker and let the sticky substance remained on the nails, Hold the artificial nail by numbered edge and spread the sticky substance unto the nails, Using the cuticle as a pivot point, slowly lower nail onto the natural nail - hold firmly until set, and you're done!

In Removing the fake nails, it is not difficult as you may imagine. You will just need to remove the acrylic nail off slowly and if there are still remaining sticky substance on your nails you will only need to  Soak nails in acetone-based nail polish remover until it get soft

Interested?  Contact My Cozy Room for an appointment with this number +65 6732 0030 or email them at




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