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Twelve things to do in 2012
2011.12.26 18:40:56

As you kick off 2012, forget the grand promises of new year resolutions and make a to do list instead!

1) Set aside a fixed amount each month under a different savings account.Times that by 12 and it could pay for your year-end vacation!

2) Get moving

Put that membership card to good use and sign up for any classes that helps you break a sweat without killing your heart.

3) Invest in a comprehensive skin-care regime

Enough of the eclectic approach; it is more costly and affects individual product efficacy. Products from the same range tends to work better together.

4) Increase fluid intake

Water, water in the glass, who has the tautest skin of all. Trust me, your skin and organs will thank you for it

5) Give back to society

Shopping at thrift stores that support certain cause, donating old stuff to orphanages, monetary contributions to organizations, mentoring underprivileged kids. Whatever it takes, do it

6) Travel more

20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did. If you can afford it, see the world and experience it.

7) Wear clothes that fits

Choose clothes that will flatter your figure and suit you. You don't want to look like a frumpy auntie do you? In addition, read the labels so you know how to wash, dry and iron them; making them last longer.

8) Shoes: Quality definitely beats quantity

No point bagging 5 pairs for a hundred bucks when each pair barely last a month. Invest in a proper pair of shoes. One that provides orthopedic support is the best. Your knees and hips will thank you when your bones are all rusty.

9) Take more photos

It links the past to the present and hopefully catalysts the future. Good memories are meant to be played over and over again.

10) Natural detox

Try fasting. Not only it helps to clear bodily toxins, it keeps your temper in check and keeps your sanity at bay.

11) Pick up a new skill

Remember when you were much younger and you had a hobby? Same principle applies. Learn to perfectly line your eyes, knit a sweater, bake a cake or anything that you fancy. You'll never know when such skills may come in handy. 


12) Don't build walls, build bridges

Reconnect with an old friend and make new ones. You never know what opportunities it might bring.

Have a good 2012 and don't sweat the small stuffs!




The Moment Has Passed
2011.09.25 05:39:38

Okay so half the year went by quickly and we are fast approaching the last quarter of the year; meaning I have already turned a year older. I can't be bothered to try and put all the events that has occurred in proper words, mainly because I am not feeling productive. Anyway,attempting to summarise the events of the past 8 (almost 9) months into a nutshell would just be futile. But then again, I am proud of myself for the fact that I managed to graduate in one piece; without having to lose my sanity in exchange for it.

I should just learn to celebrate the small steps and achievements.




Review : Puresa Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
2011.06.07 01:35:15

Hyaluronic acid, or simply referred to as HA, occurs naturally in the body and has a natural ability to retain water. As such, it help skin to maintain a youthful appearance. The benefits of hyaluronic acid are becoming increasingly well known as an effective anti-aging skin care treatment in the skin care industry. A convenient way of reaping the benefit is through sheet mask.

I bought it for SGD$2 at Watsons two weeks back and only unearth it when I was de-cluttering the dresser yesterday.

I was a little skeptic initially as the ingredient listing contains the infamous paraben and seems to have numerous dehyrating agents. How on earth can it claim to replenish moisture? The mask is delicate and is relatively paper thin; prone to tearing if not handle delicately.

What I love about it is that the mask is that it soaks up product pretty well and I did not have to pour out excess liquid from the packaging to maximise the content (Kiasu much!) Best of all, it fits perfectly on my face without excess bits hanging out or without the need to adjust due to weird position of mouth and nose opening. In addition, the mask adheres pretty well to the skin!

Instead of the 15 minutes application time as suggested, I plonked it on my face and took an afternoon siesta; waking up an hour later and boy the mask was still intact on my face.However, there is a sticky feeling after removing the mask; similar to applying Hada Labo lotion. So the question is, do I have to rinse my face or just leave it?




Review : The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam
2011.06.07 01:33:50

The most common benefits of rice water is that it contains a truckload of nutrients that aids in removing sebum and thus rejuvenating, lightening and smoothing the skin. Despite being feasible, it is not hygienic to keep a bucketful of rice water each time you rinse your uncooked rice (Just how much can rinsing water can you keep and how often do you cook rice). Thus the next alternative is to use products that contains rice water; such as The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam.

A tub contains 150ml of cleansing foam and retails for SGD$22.90 / RM$35.90 at any The Faceshop outlets. It has a mild fresh scent that does not lingers on. Personally, I feel that it has a sweet undertone scent in addition to its base rice-y scent. I've been using it twice daily for about 5 weeks now and am glad to announce that it does not cause me to have any breakouts. To think about it, I did not suffer any pre-thattimeofthemonth pimples outbreak since I started using this product.

Could it be due to the fact that the product claims to deep cleanse? The cleansing foam lathers up to form a milky-creamy paste and is easy to rinse off; it sorts of glides down my chin once I splashed my face with water. Its brightening claim appears to be true in the sense that my face seems whiter than before washing; though I think that there is a possibility of residual product that adheres to the skin.

I love the cleansing foam as it is mild on the skin and seems to live up to its claim.Numerous times I have considered buying another backup pack since The Faceshop Singapore is having a store wide 20% off. However, other Asian brands such as Nature Republic and Kitoko Kalani has also included rice water based products in their range. Should I try or just stick to status quo?




The Faceshop Haul
2011.05.03 04:36:47

I headed to Kuala Lumpur over the May Day weekend and went berserk on a shopping spree. I purchased clothes (12 tops to be exact!) and hyperventilated at the fact that The Faceshop was having a sale and it was the last day. Boy I was lucky!

After much contemplation, I grabbed 10 pieces of sheet mask, Rice water facial foam and cleansing water. In all, it cost me RM122++ which is roughly SGD$51 as the exchange rate was relatively high at 2.4 per Sing Dollars.

This is my first time trying out The Faceshop products (I'm more of an Etude House and Nature Republic fan, you see) but a friend who uses the range of products from The Faceshop mentioned that she purchased the facial foam for twenty odd dollars and the masks are 3 for $12!

This is definitely a worthwhile haul don't you think so?




Garnier Skin Naturals Lightening Peel-off Mask
2010.12.31 05:12:10

The peel off mask helps to lighten the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells. Impurities and dead skin cells; overtime, accumulates to form a darken complexion. The mask instantly reveals a brighter complexion and a naturally healthy glowing skin. On top of that, it helps to refine the skin too.


I personally feel that the mask is worth the price as it cost $2.95 and can be use for 2 applications. The brand is generous with the content. Each sachet contains 6ml and is more than sufficient for face and neck application.

However, despite the fact that the gel appears lemony-yellow in the pack, it is transparent upon application and makes it difficult to figure out which area has been applied to as I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses. The gel is thick and sticky and can get pretty messy when trying to spread out the gel.

What I like most is that the gel dries up pretty fast (within 15 minutes) and leaves a shiny sheen on the face. It does not appear to pull / tightened too much of the skin. Removal is fuss-free and pain-free! Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from the mask other than taking it as a me-time and not doing anything until the mask dries up.

To my surprise, my skin felt softer, appears brighter and pores looks smaller. P/s: there is no such thing as pores becoming smaller. Products that claims to reduce pore sizes actually causes the skin around the pores to expand, thus covering the pores; making it look smaller. ( I read it off some medical magazine! )

The downside of using whitening/lightening product is that some works well and fine on the skin; making it less dull and brighter BUT it tends to highlight my panda eyes!




First Impression : Dr Jart+ Premium Blemish Balm
2010.12.21 20:13:31

Dr Jart+ Premium Blemish Balm was part of the beauty package that Confirm Trading sent my way for testing.

It is a triple action BB cream that whitenes the skin, eradicate fine lines and provide sun protection. It is an SPF 45++ formula. My first impression is that it has a suble powdery scent unlike most other BB creams that I've tried. They mostly have either have a strong plasticy scent or floral scent to it.

One other important factor is the colour of the the cream. While most BB cream is too fair and ashy on my skin, Dr Jart+ Premium Blemish Balm has a peach/pink undertone and is similar to my Olay Touch of Foundation moisturizer. The texture of the balm is thicker and creamier which enables easily fluid control and provides medium coverage. Lastly, it forms a slight dewy+mattified look on the skin.




Rojukiss Stim Cell White Natural
2010.12.16 01:46:07

Confirm Trading sent me a package sometime back and the first product that I was keen to test one was the Rojukiss Stim Cell White Natural range. It is because, despite my young age (ahem!), I have blotchy skin and being in a uniform group during my teen years (I wish I knew how important it was to use sun block back then) gave me some sun spot and pigmentation.

Products that are in the range includes Light Tone serum for skin that are turning darker, Brown Tone serum for areas that has darker spots ie pigmentation and Daily UV Scatter Sunblock with SPF50 pa+++. The serum contains Nano White Particle 50,000 Molecule and are capable of deep penetration and allows for fast absorption by the skin.It will cost you S$59.90 for a 30ml bottle.

The sunblock on the other hand is suitable for all skin types. It contains the following unique features which provides a whole range of protection from the sun rays.

180 Degree UV Scatter - It reflects out the UV from the skin

Deep Cell Aging Protection - Deeply protect cell and effectively protect skin, so dullness is reduced

Consistent Sunscreen Protection - Perfect protection skin from sunlight for 12 hours

Extra Long Anti Oxidant Anti-Oxidant - Reduces skin damage from sunlight, pollution and other factors as well as brighten up the skin.

Water Proof Sweat Proof - No worries if one perspires while out under the sun

The sunblock is priced at $39.90 for a 50ml pack.

Other available products are as follows :

This cleansing foam (100ml S$29.90, refill 100ml S$19.90) will rid accumulated dirt while whitening the skin and providing oil control. As it's a bubble foam up cleanser, it will get rid of accumulated dead skin cells to restore a brighter complexion.

The day cream (30ml S$45.00) SPF40++ comes in 2 formulas : one for oily, acne-prone skin and another for normal to dehydrated skin.

The one for acne and oily skin gives oil control coverage of up to 12hours and lessens the occurrence of acne. While the one for normal to thirsty skin helps retain moisture for up to 12 hours. Both day creams are SPF40+++ and this protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The night cream's (30ml S$45.00) rejuvenates and restores lackluster skin as it exfoliates accumulated dead cells and encourage new skin cell regeneration.While also stimulating moisture production and locking in moisture to keep skin hydrated.


I love the sunblock. That's all I have to say. Not for the fact that of its unique features of high SPF but simply because of the scent and texture. It has a fresh scent that reminds me of my childhood days as the sunblock smells of FAB clothes washing bar.On top of that, the texture of the sunblock is light; though it gets too runny if I forget to shake the package, and does not leave a white tinge on my skin.

The Light Tone serum helps to improve the clarity and diminishes some of the tiny pimple marks but the Dark Tone serum only managed to lightened some of the sun spots that I have. However, I believe with long term usage, the situation might be different. Both serum has fresh scent too albeit being milder than the sunblock and is of viscous texture. Since it is easily absorbed, no slapping of the face needed!




Goodies Galore
2010.11.30 03:08:37

Joann from Confirm Trading contacted me and voila I was given a whole lot of goodies!

The list of items sponsored are as follows;

Rojukiss Whitening Range - Stim Cell Natural Serum for Light Tone, Stim Cell Natural Serum for Dark Tone, Stim Cell Natural Sunscreen with SPF 50++

Rojukiss Anti-aging Range - Protox Serum for Anti-aging, Protox Serum Day Cream, Protox Serum Night Cream, Protox Sunscreen with SPF 50++

Dr Jart+ Premium Blemish Base






Eucerin Dermopurifyer Range
2010.11.29 02:02:56

The Samplestore has kindly sponspored the Eucerin Dermopurifyer Range which consist of the cleanser, scrub and creme gel. The range is suitable for acne-prone skin due to the fact that it contains an active ingredient; 6% Amphotheric. It is anti-bacterial, fragrance-free, soap-free, oil-free and non-comedogenic I love the cleanser as it effectively, yet gently eliminates excess sebum while removing dirt.

What I like about this cleanser is that the oil absorbing power is not as overpowering as the Acnes Range. Other than merely removing the oil, it's Follicle Targeting System delivers hightly-effective Lactic Acid directly to the follicles wher blemishes and acne originate while moisturizing the surrounding areas. Kill them at its roots baby! The mild formula does not leave the skin overly dry and taut. The scent reminds me of Hada Labo cleanser! I figure most soap/oil/fragrance free products smell the same.

The scrub unclogs pores and refines skin texture while reducing blackheads and blemishes. Its formula with Lactic Acid works directly where blemishes originate without drying out the skin. Moreover, pore refining micro particles gently exfoliate the skin without damaging it. The skin is noticeably clearer, smoother and visibly refined. The abrasives are gentle on the skin and the scrub has green beads which contains the active ingredient that dissolves upon scrubbing. Personally, the microbeads acts as my timer! Once the beads are mostly dissolve, I will stop scrubing!

The creme-gel significantly reduces blemishes and prevents the formation of new ones while providing oil-free moisturisation. I highly recommend this product if you have breakouts and need something to help control it. However, I don't think it would be suitable for dry skin as its mattying strength is strong.

If you are interested in trying out the range, the price list is as follows;

Creme-Gel (60ml), $25.70

Cleanser (200ml), $21.20

Scrub (100ml), $18.60




Loreal YOU-th Code
2010.11.11 05:01:19

I would love to merely accept that wrinkles exist due to genetic predisposition. In that manner, I wouldn’t have to do anything except to simply sit and wait for the wrinkles to appear. However, it is well researched that there are many factors; both intrinsic and extrinsic, that causes premature wrinkles and aging.

Intrinsic aging; a natural aging process, is a continuous process that normally begins in our mid-20s. Within the skin, collagen production slows, and elastin, the substance that enables skin to snap back into place, has a bit less spring. Dead skin cells do not shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly. Couple with extrinsic factors such as climate change, diet, exposure to sun, repetitive facial expressions and movements, gravity (thank you very much Newton), sleeping position and bad habits such as consuming alcohol and smoking, the ageing process is further catalyzed.

For every poison, there is an antidote. My antidote comes in a form of beauty products from Loreal! Loreal Paris Dermo-Expertise (Youth Code) targets the rehydration of skin that promotes luminous complexion (think skin with a tinge of glow) and smoother skin. The range constitute of Patented Pro-Gen Technology which focuses on overall skin rejuvenation and Adenosine; a component of DNA which supports the skin’s structure and thereby reducing wrinkles.

What I love most about the range is the extensive use of mild notes of feminine fragrance that changes as the product is heated up and reacts with the skin. The top notes of mandarin orange, black currant and mint refreshes the skin before slowly calming it with the middle notes of blends of jasmine, cedar and musk. Finally, the soothing scent of rich amber, vanilla and woodsy scents remains. Using the range makes me feel as though I am wearing my signature perfume!



As an individual preference, I prefer moisturizer or any beauty product in general, that has mild, subtle scent. The day cream has an initial mild scent that reminds me of yogurt which reacts with the skin to produce a nice floral-ish smell. Despite the thick, creamy texture of the cream, it is easily absorb by the skin. At this point, I would like to highlight the difference between a cream that dries up fast and a cream that is fully absorb by the skin. A cream that is fully absorb by the skin will not leave a sticky residue upon washing the face a couple of hours later. With the Youth Code day cream, there was no stick residue upon washing my face the next day! P/s: I prefer to use it as a night cream due to its texture. I personally prefer a gel-based moisturizer for the day.



I had high hopes for the eye cream since the day cream has worked so well for me. Alas, I was disappointed. The eye cream has a strong plastic-ky scent to it and took a long time to be absorb by the skin. Sadly, the cream tends to flake off, resulting in my under eye concealer to shift; exposing my panda eyes! But then again, I can always use it as a night eye cream since it does help to reduce the fine lines;though not that significantly.


Both the day and eye creams are packaged in a glass bottle and its very risky to carry it around during travels. Therefore, I totally adore the packaging of the concentrate. Its streamlined, pencil like packaging is convenient and the narrow tip dispenser allows for great control of the amount needed; unlike the other 2 creams which requires spatula or other external form of aid to scoop the product out. ( I seriously wish spatulas are provided for both creams, I had to rely on used ice cream spoon!) Back to the concentrate, I use it mainly for my laugh lines and it does help to erase it slightly.


Despite how well the Youth Code range has worked for me, I still prefer using a whitening range. Nothing can ever stop my quest of having the perfect fair skin!




Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail and Clear Cube Wax
2010.11.05 01:45:21

The Sample Store recently sponsored 2 products by Liese (pronounced as "lee-zay"), I had the liberty to choose amongst the entire range and I picked Liese Smooth Hair cocktail & Liese Clear Cube Wax 02.

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail is dual-layer treatment of moisture milk & repairing water which combines perfectly into a smooth mixture. The moisture milk locks in moisture and leaves a smooth coating on each strand of hair. This smooth finish allows the hair ends to be combed through easily & eliminate all tangles. Combining that with the repairing water, which instantly hydrates the hair from inside out, we have a winning combination. Clear Cube Wax 02 on the other hand provides hydrating benefits while keeping hair smooth, straight and tangle free.



I find the packaging of the hair cocktail very convenient. The slim bottle can fit snuggly in my bag! (Even my waterbottle is bigger than that.) I love the subtle fruity scent that does not linger on long on the hair. It has a soursop+peach scent which works out really well. Personally, I find the product very user friendly as you can use it on both wet and dry hair. Best of all, not only it detangles my hair, it made my hair smooth and silky that I sprayed it all over my hair! As for the cube wax, I had expected it to be in the hard,waxy type; similar to most men's range of wax. Surprisingly, it had a light,creamy texture. I love the easy application and it does not leave behind sticky residues on the hand. Most importantly, it keeps my hair in shape and hydrates it as well!



Hair Styling

Hair Care




Clean Up
2010.11.02 04:36:12

Personally on non-make up days (ie weekends), I would normally wash my make up brushes as I tend to use a common face brush for bronzer and blushes (different shades per day). Hence, if I don't wash my brushes weekly, the 'true' colour of the cheek products wouldn't show.

While we acknowledge the fact that it is also for hygiene purpose, have you considered the other 'applicators' that you normally use?

And that is how I clean my gloss applicator. I do the same too for my mascara.Happy trying!




ELF Studio Blushes
2010.11.01 20:33:51

A month ago or so, I placed an order from ELF Studio collection. I purchased 8 out of the 9 available shades. I am beginning to believe that I suffer from a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! Some of the shades are dupes of MAC. For US$3 each, it's good for everday use!

I am definitely a blusher person. What about you?




Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover & Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
2010.10.18 04:56:14

Just last week, The Sample Store sent me a package containing Biore's range of make up removers for me to try out.
The set consists of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip, Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets and Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover.



Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip is specially catered for females who prefer a dedicated makeup remover for their eyes and lips. Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lips has a micro cleansing formula that softens heavily-layered waterproof mascara, and thoroughly cleanses from root to tip and in-between lashes. It reduces the need for excessive, hard and repeated wiping around delicate eye area. Gentle to the eye and lashes, one can now remove their eye and lip thoroughly without stressing the skin around their eye area.

What I love about the Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

Initially, I had given up hope in purchasing a specific remover for eye & lip as it tends to sting the eye really bad. Luckily, Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip's gentle formula does not sting the eye. Other than that, it is strong enough for waterproof makeup thus eliminating the need to reduces the need for excessive, hard and repeated wiping around eye area. Most importantly, it does not leave behind the icky oily residue feeling!


Suitable for both face and eyes makeup removal, this rinse-off makeup remover from Japan contains a highly effective cleansing ingredient. It gently and effortlessly removes all makeup, even waterproof eye makeup, without rubbing or tugging. The water-based formula leaves skin clean without greasy or tight feeling. Feel the refreshing difference as your skin is restored to its original, clean bare condition.

What I Love about Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover

Other than the fact that it easily dissolves any make up, the mild crisp floral scent is so soothing. Best of all, I can directly apply the remover on my face without the use of any cottonpad (Bad bad cotton pad for sucking up most of the product). On top of that, I'm really amaze at the adhesiveness of the remover! It was able to remove even the tiniest glitter then tends to be push around on the skin when I use other makeup remover. From the kiasu point of view, it takes just a few drops to remove all traces of makeup. Can you imagine how long will the bottle last then?!?!




Loreal Paris Perfect Clean Range
2010.10.13 08:17:56

People often say that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and I say the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared look, including inside ourselves –Salma Hayek

As much as I wish to internalize the quote and make it a life philosophy, I can’t bring myself to ditch all the beauty and skincare products to simply embrace inner beauty. Furthermore, as part of human nature, we need intrinsic motivation before we can get the sense of achievements and acceptance extrinsically. To feel good, there fore we need to look good. Despite strongly believing in the power of make up; enhancing our looks and making us feel good, I believe applying make up is the last step of skin care; what with products promising moisturizing, whitening and other effects. Great looking skin is a good thing to have because it is right there on your face yet it is something tough to have and create. If applying make up is the last step to skin care, what is the first step?

Make up remover, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, day/night cream, eye serum, eye cream, sunblock. The list is non-exhaustive. As long as beauty giants keep coming up with new products that promises skin miracles, the list will continue extending. But in this day and time, we women expect instant gratifications. I personally prefer dual purposes products (make up remover that cleanses, toner that has a strong absorption rate as serum and so on) due to the lack of time or simply being lazy. Actually, the more purposes the product has, the better it is for me.

That is why I appreciate the new Loreal Paris Demo-Expertise Perfect Clean range. It aids in removing make up, cleanses and exfoliates at the same time!

The range consists of the Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash for normal/combination skin, Soothing Foaming Cream Wash for dry/sensitive skin, Purifying Foaming Gel Wash with Salicylic Acid for blemish prone skin and Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub which is suitable for all skin types. Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash is a daily cleanser that refreshes and detoxifies the skin while Soothing Foaming Cream Wash is a fragrance free and is gentle on the skin. The Purifying Gel Wash with Salicylic Acid helps to deeply purify blemish prone skin and Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub refines pores and eliminates dead skin cells for softer and more luminous skin.

Before I proceed with the reviews, I would like to clarify that I have normal/combination skin with occasional break outs.

Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub

This product is suitable for all skin types.

I simply love the mango-ish peachy scent which is rather subtle instead of being overly sweet. The exfoliating beads are small and not harsh on the skin. For a period of time, I used this every night. Yet, my skin remains supple without any dry spots. The formula is rather gentle and didn't appear to hurt my eye when the foam enters my eye. However, I personally feel that the scrublet is redundant for scrub as the beads then to be hidden among the fibres of the scrublets. Still, this is a good product to be used on its own.

Purifying Foaming Gel Wash with Salicylic Acid

This product is suitable for blemish prone skin.

This cleanser has a slight spicy scent that is typical of the men's range of facial product. I love the menthol tingling sensation that it has when I am washing my face. However, during a recent bout of break outs (that time of the month), it doesn't really does much to control the situation. Moreover, the formula is too drying for my skin; making me experience the skin tightness after rinsing it off. To make it worst, I experienced itchiness on my cheeks which further proves that the dryness had been agravated after a couple of usage.


Soothing Foaming Cream Wash

This cream wash is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

What struck me first was the similarity in terms of the scent with a recent product that I felt in love with. The egg-ish coconuty scent reminds me of Hada Labo facial wash. Among all the others, the cream wash foams up the least and leaves a moisturizing layer on the skin upon rinsing. Best of all, it is frangrance and soap free.


Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash

This product is suitable for normal/combination skin. The gel wash has a slight musky lemongrassy scent which is definitely refreshing and is a great perk me up! Among all the scent, this is the longest lasting and the one that I am most addicted too! Out of curiousity, I actually placed the gel wash in the fridge for a night and used it the next day. The refreshed feeling is intensified and it was super shiok!


Despite the different reactions that I have on each of the product, its cleansing power is definitely commendable. It removes make up efficiently and it saves me the trouble of having to double cleanse. The experience of using the cleansers is further enhance with the provision of the scrublets. Review of the scrublet will up on the next post! On another note, I'm suprise that there isn't any whitening cleanser on the Perfect Clean range; knowing that we Asians are obsessed with it! Loreal Perfect Clean range of cleansers (priced at $14.90 each) will be available exclusively at Watsons from November 2010.




ELF Shimmer Eyerliner Pencil
2010.10.09 16:59:28

This is the second part of my ELF haul. I was tempted to purchase the Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil after trying out Loreal Hip Chrome Eyeliner. I merely wanted to make a tiny comparision between the two.

Honestly, I was impressed with the variety of colours available. However, I've decied to play it save by purchasing Black Bandit and Gunmetal only.

The eyeliner goes on smoothly with no tugging. A definite point worth mentioning for a product that merely cost US$1 each. The creamy texture gives a wet look and the shimmers are tiny and evenly distributed. Great pigmentation too. On top of which, it comes with a nifty packaging of a sharpener cap. Despite all that, the staying power isn't as impressive. It does smudges after a while.Still, this is a good product for short hours use; say going to the grocery store.

You never know whom you'll bump into along the way!




I Nuovi Blushers
2010.10.07 03:15:40

We women are always looking for reasons to celebrate and shop and I've decided to place an order for I Nuovi Blushers to commemorate my first month of surviving full time studies at NIE!

All together, there are 16 differrent shades ranging from orangey shades, brownish shades, pinkish shades and neutral shades.

I so need to stop staring at these newly acquired babies!




Eyes Lips Face Lipsticks
2010.10.06 03:14:54

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics recently added more products to their USD$1 range; one of which is the smooth long lasting coverage lipstick. There are 6 colours in the range and I purchased 3! On top of that, I've hauled quite a fair share of other products too.

Each lipstick cost USD$1 and has a nett weight of 3.5g. The colours that I purchased are classy, seductive and gypsy. Classy has a nudish pink tone, Seductive has an orangey pink tone and Gypsy isa nice deep pink. The lipstick has a waxy texture to it initially but became slightly creamy after a couple of applications. However, it does dries up the lips after an hour upon application. So applying lipbalm prior to lipstick is a must!

Personally, I am happy with the pigmentation and the darker shades tends to leave a nice tint even after wiping off with tissue vigorously.The only downside of the product is the packaging. No doubt I appreciate the transparent centre which enables me to view the colours easily, but the cap can get rather loose at times and the turning section isn't stiff enough and as such I accidentally twisted the packaging with the cap still on and ended up smudging the lipstick.

Review of more ELF products up next!




Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy and Rich Premier
2010.10.02 02:22:47

I am the first to raise up my hand to admit guilty for not caring much about the tips of my hair.To tell you the truth, the last time I had trimmed my hair was 10 months ago! Thankfully,TheSampleStore sent some hair goodies my way! Best of all, it promises to care for the last 15cm of my hair.

Nuance Airy (PINK)

"Wild Rose Essence leaves a protective layer to keep hair soft and moisturized. Gives limp and flat hair a light and bouncy feel. Recommended for soft and airy hairstyles."

Shampoo & Conditioner - Enriched with High Purity Honey and Milk Protein to repair and strengthen damaged hair.

Treatment - Ultra Shine Essence restores shine while Wild Rose Essence leaves a protective layer to keep hair soft and moisturised.

Mask - Intensive care for severely damaged hair, without the heaviness

Anti Frizz Serum - Instantly repair dry and damaged hair. Hair stays smooth and bouncy all day.

Rich Premier (ORANGE)

"Sunflower Oil Essence leaves a protective layer to keep hair soft and moisturized. Gives untamable hair a smooth and manageable feel. Recommended for sleek and elegant hairstyles."

Shampoo - Enriched with High Purity Honey and Milk Protein to repair and strengthen damaged hair.

Conditioner - Ultra Shine Essence restores shine while Sunflower Oil Essence leaves a protective layer to keep hair soft and moisturized.

Treatment - Enriched with 2x more High Purity Honey and Milk Protein to repair and strengthen damaged hair.

Mask -Shea Butter repairs and moisturizes and gives untamable hair a smooth and manageable feel.

Care Lotion -Intensive Leave-on Treatment enriched with High Purity Honey Oil & Ultra Shine Essence. Instantly repair dry and damaged hair.

My Two Favourite Products

Nuance Airy Anti Frizz lotion has a sweet rose scent which reminds me of the F&N rose syrup drink.Unlike other hair serum that I've tried, it has a light texture and does not weigh down my hair with its oiliness. Rich Premier Care Lotion on the other hand has a slight floral scent that isn't too overpowering. Despite its rich texture, it is easily absorb and kept my hair managable through out the day. Usually, I will apply both products at the same time. I will apply the Care Lotion to manage the tangles and then the Anti Frizz Lotion to smooth out the frizz.

Most importantly, both products did not aggravate my scalp condition. However, it will be interesting if Kao comes up with a range that provides UV protection for the hair. Sun does damages the hair too right?

In conclusion....





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