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FREE Movie at Eng Wah Suntac on 22 February 2011
2011.02.12 20:07:24




Gong Xi !!! Gong Xi !!!
2011.02.01 21:48:42

Happy Chinese New Year !!!





Beauty Celebration at Sephora ION
2011.01.19 02:59:34

Date : 22 January 2011, Saturday

Time : 12:00 to 8:00 PM

Where : Sephora ION Orchard

A day fun packed with beauty goodies

Express Makeovers, Face Treatments, Body Art . . . .

See You There





Unveiling Cleo Top Beauty Blogger !!!!
2011.01.17 02:39:56




Where did tang tang went?
2011.01.12 03:19:42







Hang on!! I will be back soon... Cool





Blushing From Fairer, Glowing Radiant Skin
2010.12.23 15:53:39

Everybody knows that I have a dream

A dream to have fair radiant glowing skin which is blushing from within

Is my dream too far fetched for a sensitive skin girl like me?

Whose face reddens within 1 minute under the sun?

Will I never ever fulfill this little dream of mine?

I really wonder

I have tried and tested countless over the counter whitening products and even branded ones too

None really works on me and I was about to give up when I was given another chance.

Lovely pampering treats from Confirm Trading proved me and everybody around me wrong!

Everybody thought I went for Vitamin C or Whitening injection or drip.

But I did not.

So, what is my secret to my fairer, glowing radiant skin which is blusing from within?

Come with me









Yes . . . It is none other than Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural 

And yes, I did introduce this range about a month ago

This Rojukiss Stim White Cell is very interesting and unique from the other brands.

They work on the philosophy of Blushing White Action of

(1) Whitening,

(2) Blushing and

(3) Retaining New Whiter

And most important Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural 

Stop all procession for Melanin !!!

How awesome can that be, you tell me

And what is whitening without Sunblock, right?

And I badly need to rave about this 
ROJUKISS STIM White CELL Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunblock  SPF50+ PA+++

White and light texture

Watery thin that it runs

Spreading in process 

After application, there is no white film nor cast

In fact, this is currently my preferred choice of sunblock.

Though it is SPF 50+ PA+++, it is not oily nor heavy nor thick

I feel as if I am not wearing any sunblock on my skin at all.

The sunblock even gives my dull skin a pretty radiant which I have never experienced before.

And the beautiful part, it gives me consistent sunscreen protection from sunlight for 12 hours and no reapplication is needed.

For swimmers and girls who love to workout, this sunblock is water and sweat proof.

Hence, you can work your hearts out :)

Is merely sunblock enough for my fairer skin?

Of course not sweeties

We need serum to better help us during the process

There it is









ROJUKISS STIM White CELL Natural Serum
The bottles from within the box

Are there immediate effects on my pigmentation or acne marks?

If you expect the serums to perfom magic or miracles with just 1 application, then I am afraid that you are in for a disappointment

The answer is "No"

There is no immediate effects on the pigmentations nor freckles nor acne marks

Am I disappointed?

No, I am not.







Are there improvements on my acne marks, freckles or pigmentations over the 1 month of usage?

My answer is "YES !!!"

My acne marks, freckles and pigmentations have improved.

They have faded and are not so obvious now.

Did I do any laser or IPL?

No, I did not.

It is the work of the wonderful Serum

Are there only 3 products in the Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural range?

Of course not.

You might want to have the full range for a better and more effective resuts





Trade Secret of the Year 2010 . . . .Shhhhh
2010.12.23 11:44:04

Talk of the Town for 2010

Fancy a relaxing spa at the comfort of your home?

Professional Salon Hair Care at a fraction of the price?

Hmm . . . . . .

Sounds too good to be true?

How professional can that be, you may think.

Want to find out more?

Stay Tune & I will be right back  Wink




Dress up in Dress Me
2010.12.23 11:21:17

Look what I have on my desk

Hmm . . . Three packs of pokka dots?

There they are . . . Little pampering treats from Dress Me

Dress Me facial masks are made in Taiwan and  uses the finest and purest quality ingredients extracted from selected plant concentrates.

Some of the main ingredients found in the mask are mainly:

Natto  (なっとう or 納豆) : fermented soy beans, anti aging

Helichrysum Agustifolium
: anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, and astringent

Spriarea Ulmaria
 : compounds of salicylic acid

Ginkgo Biloba (銀杏 /  白果)

With these finest ingredients, Dress Me have Seven types of facial masks for everyone out there.

Soften & Clarifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Revive)
 Skin exfoliation, brightens skin, enhances skin’s natural moisturizing capabilities and locks in moisture that will result to soft and supple skin.
Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask (Clear. Balance. Revitalize)
 Balances and maintains the moisture level and protects it from hydration naturally.
Silky & Soothing Mask (Clear. Moisture. Soften)
 Enhances skin’s renewal process and even out skin tone for smooth and relaxed skin.
Oil Control & Purifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Refresh)
  Antibacterial mask removes dead skin, eliminates impurities, detoxifies, repairs, refreshes the skin, minimizes pore and maintains oil balance for clear and smooth skin.
Whitening & Brightening Mask (Clear. Moisture. Tighten)
Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that whitens the skin and also reduces redness and skin sensitivity.
Whitening & Revive Mask (Clear. Balance. Restore)
Increases blood circulation and collagen-boost to slow down skin aging process and protects skin from free radicals
Revitalizing & Firming Mask (Clear. Balance. Renew)
 Moisturizes, repairs and firms skin while restoring skin’s natural renewal process. An anti-oxidant mask that protects skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

And why you and I got to try these masks ? ? ?

This is because






They have won themselves
*throws confetti into the air . . . woohooo

And so, the "cannot lose out to other people" me also tried the mask for myself

gong gong me dressed up in Dress Me Whitening & Brightening Mask

My skin is immediately more moisturized, clearer, brighter and fairer even till the very next day.

I can feel the smoothness and bouncy-ness of my skin and my makeup can even glide on better and stay put for at least 8 hours.

Awesome Product !!!

Dress Up in Dress Me

for rejuvenated, healthy and flawless skin!

And now comes the Good News worth waiting for . . .

Grab yours today from The Sample Store NOW !!!!




Younger Glowing Whitening Sunscreen Repair & Nude Makeup Just 1 Step
2010.12.16 12:38:56

Ever wake up in the morning just to realise that you are late for work?


You also do not want to compromise on how you look?

How awesome if we can have makeup + skincare right?

How possible could that be you may ask

Have you ever thought if your foundation you are wearing now has skincare properties?

Such as :

- Whitening

- Hydrating

- Nourishing

- Oil Controling

- Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

You must be thinking that I am either Crazy OR Lazy . . .

                       BUT . . .

If we can have washing machine now Vs hand wash many centuries ago

Why could not we have such magical product?

And Yes, we do have it NOW !!!

Brought to you by Bio-essence, we have with us right now

New Bio-essence Bio-Platinum BB Cream Plus Multi Effects SPF 25 PA/ ++

Bio-Platinum BB Cream  has10 in 1 Multiple Efficacies:

• Revitalizes skin with platinum

• Whitening and skin brightening

• Fades pigmentation and spots

• Repairs and soothes skin

• Conceals and fades blemishes

• SPF25 PA/ ++ UV protection

• Nourishes and hydrates skin

• Strong anti-oxidation properties to reduce fine lines & wrinkles

• Creates a bright, healthy skin tone for radiant natural looking makeup

• Effective oil control for the whole day

Taking a closer look at the texture of the BB Cream

Light Velvety Texture

True Color of Bio-Platinum BB Cream

After Vs Before

You will realised that my left hand is fairer and smoother, brighter and more radiant

Even the skin tone is even out, looking healthy and glowing

And this is using ONLY one product, Bio Plantinum BB Cream, Amazing isn't it?

10 Products in 1 Step with 10 Minutes !!!

It takes you a mere 10 minutes to put on moisturizer, whitening products, oil control products, anti oxidants, pore refining, anti aging, sunscreen, concealer, makeup base, foundation ALL in ONE step

Such Amazing product . . . Where to find? You tell me . . . .

(Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, BHG, OG, NTUC FairPrice, Carrefour, Giant,
C K Department Store and other leading cosmetic houses.)

A few photos to show you what is the difference between Bare, Foundation and BB Cream

Bare Face

Foundation: Can see the color difference from face to neck

Bio Platinum BB Cream

Proudly presented to you Ladies . . .

Tempted to try the BB Cream?

Grab yours today while stocks last !!!




Secret to Flawless, Natural Nude Look in 1 Simple Step
2010.12.16 09:21:12
Ever envious of Korean Stars who have flawless smooth skin?

Have you ever wonder what makes their skin so tender loving soft and refined?

Do you have skin like an Apple?                 


Do you have skin like an Orange?

                  Or Do you even yearn to have a skin like an Apple, red rosy and smooth? Look no further than





There is something for everyone

Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++

But then again, you must be wondering what has an orange got to do with Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream right?

Not everybody are blessed with good skin and some of us might have rough and open pores like an orange

Hence, we have Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++ to the rescue

Lets see what miracle can Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream does?







The rough skin and pockmarks on the orange peel are amazingly concealed with Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream.

Still not convinced?

That is an orange afterall right?

Lets take a peep of this awesome BB Cream, shall we?

Smooth Velvety Texture

Before application

After application

Before to After

You will realise that the skin is smoother, softer, whiter and glowing with radiance

I was in for another shock when I went to wash my hand






The BB Cream does not run nor disolve under running water !!!!

That is really important for us ladies in our humid weather in Singapore, isnt it?

(especially for swimmers and gym-ers yeah)

Still not convienced?

Lets put Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream to the road test

HK Fashion and Beauty Magazine

In a survey done by HK Fashion and Beauty Magazine among 6 other competitive BB Creams,

The Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream came up tops in terms of being the BB Cream that adheres most closely to the skin for flawless coverage.
And how do we achieve the flawless natural nude look?
Still kind of confused of the application steps?

Not to worry . . .

You are thinking what I am thinking?

Join Bio Essence Facebook Fanpage now to keep yourselves updated of the latest promtion and events !!!

Or . . .

Grab the Samples today




FREE Bio Essence BB Cream Sample at NO cost
2010.12.16 00:44:28




FREE Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel
2010.12.08 01:14:36




Another WareHouse Sales for the Sporties
2010.12.06 21:08:48




Changi Christmas Fantasy – The Season to be Shopping
2010.12.06 05:39:41

Changi Airport, the Top World Wide Airport is the pride of all Singaporeans.

Every journey through Changi Airport connects lives, brings together people, creates opportunities and realises aspirations.

Hence, since it is the magical time of the year again, have you ever wondered where you should bring your family and loved ones to?

To connect lives, bring together people and realises aspirations and dreams?

Look no further than Changi Airport which is capable of taking you to wonderful places even without stepping on a plane.

You will find buzz and bargains aplenty here at Changi Airport as the feeling is First Class.

Fancy browsing and bagging your favorite items from Earl Grey, Victoria Secrets Bags, Star Bebe Couture, ishopsg, Urbanstyle, The Dress-Shop, and even Twentyseven?

You need not wait for delivery time nor worried of lost mail.



Hey hey, these items can now be found at Blogshops@Changi, a blogshop bazaar retail concept at Terminal 3’s B2 Mall.

There will be three thematic retail zones offering ladies’ fashionwear, kids’ merchandise, as well as gadgets and gift items from popular blogshops.

Not only these, watch the magic of Christmas comes alive with Christmas Fantasy magicians and musical performers at all terminals.

You can even bag a mystery gift at the Enchanted Gift House by spending a minimum of $50 by Visa or $80 by other means.

Not only these, you can also bring home exclusive gifts from Christmas Fantasy Gift Houses located across the terminals when you shop or dine at the airport.

Thinking you might leave home empty handed at the Transit? Disappointed no more.

Travellers shopping in the Transit Malls of Changi Airport can redeem gifts by spending a minimum of $80 by Visa or $120 by other means in a single receipt.

Changi Airport is the place for everyone who enjoys the Changi Experience.

Be a Fan and be the first to know of activities, events and promotions at Changi Airport.

Get first-hand news and updates, as well as exclusive deals.

So, what are you waiting for?

See you there!




Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics Up To 80% Sale
2010.12.02 13:11:24




Ginvera & Bio Essence 90% WareHouse SALES !!!!
2010.11.30 21:38:51

Upcoming L.D Waxson(s) Warehouse

(up to 90% off!)

3rd Dec 11-7pm

4th Dec 10-5pm

5th Dec 10-5pm

See You There!!!




Local Detox Drink: Refreshing Detox
2010.11.29 12:13:09
I walked past Watsons Wisma the other day and went in to replenish my Avene Thermal Spray.

I was browsing through the outlet when something pink caught my attention

(I admit I AM a pink freak)

They were being placed in the acrylic stand and the price $1.95 made my eyes bright and big.

I hasten my footsteps to take a closer look.

Oh, it was a detox drink, Refreshing Detox by Fook Sang Trading 

(why am I so surprised that they have a website???)

and what made me took a second look was that it was clearly stated

"Product of Singapore"

It claimed that there is no added artificial flavourings, colorings, preservatives nor sweeteners.

And the active ingredients are Lemon, Milk Thistle, Alfalfa and Honey.

To be honest, I am not sure what Milk Thistle or Alfalfe is hence I google more information about it.

Wikipedia, Milk Thistle is is a flowering plant from the daisy family and treat chronic liver disease and protect the liver against toxins.

Milk Thistle Plant

A closer look at the flower

 is also a flowering plant in the pea family and is high in protein, calcium, minerals

and an excellent source of most vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, and K.

In TCM, Chinese
physicians use the young alfalfa leaves to treat people suffering from arthritis, water retention and poor digestion.


Alfalfa Sprouts

So, I assume since this Refreshing Detox contains natural ingredients

which not only protects my liver, it also aids in flushing out toxins.

And this is what I needed most, to clear accumulated waste which indirectly assists in weight loss

and hopefully promotes radiant complexion.

Anyway it isn't very expensive and $1.95 for 10 sachets is pretty economical and easy

(mix well with water, that's it),

I grab a box.

Since it is recommended to start with a glass of Refreshing Detox every morning,

I faithfully follow the instructions for 5 consecutive days.

I was even mentally preparing myself to rush to the washroom to clear my bowels everyday.

So, did I eventually rush to the washroom or shed any kilos?

The answer is NO

I did NOT rush to the washroom to clear my bowel

NOR did I shed any kilos.

How can I shed any kilos if I did not rush to the washroom right?

So, this so called detox drink is not performing its due responsibilities and would I buy it again?

The answer is of course NO because it tastes bland, not sweet nor sour.

I would still prefer Huiji Fruity Lite though it also does not work for me, but at least it tastes better.

yumms *slurps




5 Xmas Mystery Gifts GiveAways !!!
2010.11.29 03:37:01
TangTang Very First Giveaways

Christmas is just round the corner, and to thank ALL my lovely supporters and readers,

Tang Tang is going to have her very first mini giveaways !!!

*throws confetti into the air

There will be altogether 5 mystery gifts to be given away . . .

To participate, you have to first "LIKE"

CLEO on Facebook


simply leave your name and email address and 5 winners will be picked randomly

So what are you waiting for ????

Start commenting away !!!

ps: i am sorry for the delay as there are urgent matters at home. sincere apologies




Join me @CozyCot Birthday Bash!
2010.11.29 03:24:13

A Beauty & Fashion Celebration

For Every Woman

Sign up
Here Now !!!




3 Virgin Xmas Give Aways
2010.11.25 19:30:08
Christmas is just round the corner,

and to thank ALL my lovely supporters and readers,

Tang Tang is going to have her very first mini giveaways !!!

*throws confetti into the air

There will be altogether 5 mystery gifts to be given away . . .

Excited? Anticipating? Clasping hands together?

More details will be released soon tomorrow at 1pm

PS: will be uploading images of my Shiseido hauls too 




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